Most women will not marry jobless men

Three out of four women said they would not wed someone without a job, according to a US survey. And more than 91 percent of single women said they would marry for love over money.

"It is ironic that women place more weight on love than money, yet won't marry if they or their potential suitor is unemployed," said Meghan Casserly, of ForbesWoman which conducted the survey with the website

Do you think those women would marry not for love but for money?

"What are you going to eat? Grass?"

I can imagine my mother saying that if I were to want to marry a jobless man.

I say: those women who wouldn't marry jobless men are smart enough to know that love alone will not fill your stomach.

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Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym is absolutely pragmatic and correct.

If i were a woman, I wont marry a man without a good paying respectable non-blue collar job let alone without a job or just any job.

I am a man but I also wouldnt marry a woman without a job. I also wouldnt marry a woman without at least a degree. I would be even happier if the woman I marry has a doctorate, a job and an income higher than mine. What happiness will high dual income bring to our lives! hehe

Of course there are other important criteria too but this would mean digressing from the subject of Yu-Kym's blog.

silli cat

David said...


I cannot blame women for not wanting to marry a jobless man.

One would hope an engaged or soon to be engaged couple would share work history. If a man lost a job due to the economy and business downturn, then an enlightened man would suggest postponing a wedding until he was fully employed.

The male who chooses to remain jobless and living on government handouts should be avoided like a highly contagious disease carrier.

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I would love a man for his character. But a man with a character worth loving can't stay jobless for long. Just a thought. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Well said!

Indeed, a man whose character is worth loving wouldnt stay jobless for long.

However, if he does somehow stay jobless for long, you best examine your criteria for concluding that his character is worth loving in the first place.

You may have gotten it all wrong. keke

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Yes silli cat, that was what I meant. :)

And I would add more to say that it is not about money but about putting effort into our livelihood.

And yes, I would marry for love. :p

Anonymous June 27, 2011 9:48 AM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Oh no, dont just marry for love. Pls ensure there are other qualities that can sustain that love too!

Yes putting effort into the marriage is very important. But so is money.

So in a marriage it is all about love, marriage, responsibility, character, money and so many other criteria.

That is why I can never see myself as a good marriage partner.

But good luck to you Anonymous. Hope you find the right partner for your qualities. It takes two, not just yourself.

silli cat