Kenyan tradition: girls are sex slaves

The tribesmen of Kenya make the girls and women do all the work at home. The girls and women have the rights of slaves, i.e. no rights at all. So while women are busy doing all the work, what do the men do? They are very busy with forcing young girls into marriage, raping, female genital mutilation, forcing girls to undergo crude abortions, killing their babies if the girls are not “supposed to get pregnant after being raped by relatives”, sanctioning rape. All these are done in the name of “tradition”.

One of the sick traditions is to temporarily engage a girl to a male relative - practice known as "beading". The male relative has the right to have sex with her, whether or not she wants it. This is done to supposedly prevent the girl from being promiscuous. What rubbish! This is done so that men can be promiscuous! And when we talk about girls here, I’m not referring to 16-year-old but 6-year-old girls!
Should the girl get pregnant by her relative, she is forced to have a crude abortion or if she too far long with the pregnancy she is allowed to deliver the baby but the baby will be killed at birth. Should the girl, by some mir way, be allowed to keep the baby, she will not be allowed to get married ever. Read more

As much as I would prefer to promote understanding rather than condemnation, I cannot help but condemn the practices of this tribe as reported. Girls that young should not be forced to have sex. It’s not about human rights; it’s simply against human nature.

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Anonymous said...

We cannot condemn traditions that are not in keeping with our times simply because our society have progressed and theirs haven't. It's just the way it is with developments of different civilisations and cultures, no matter how evil or disgusting it may seem to us. Some ppl stand still with time for a multitude of reasons.

We cannot judge them by our standards or in the future more advance civilisations will judge us and our ways in the same bad light. You look closely at how we conduct our lives in this world. You think a more advance specie will think highly of us?

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

Forced sex and genital mutilation are far to common in much of Africa.

Most people have been made aware that such customs are barbaric.


Anonymous said...


Where whole tribes remain in the old ages out of their own choosing refusing to succumb to modern times, it is no business of ours to interfere and condemn their practices.

Where sections of a tribe modernises and remaining sections chose to maintain old traditions adn cultures out of the selfishness and manipulations of certain inhabitants of the tribe, then perhaps you may have some grounds to point fingers at them for their disgusting rituals - the cunning and the exploiters taking advantage of the helpless and weak.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Yes David,

they are certainly barbaric arent they?

You think we human beings killing each other less barbaric?

If you are of a superior being from another world, what would you think of us mankind with our wars, etc?

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

Humankind is flawed to be sure.

I know I am. Making mistakes everyday. One learns from most mistakes and hopes not to repeat them.

Killing, murder is wrong. No doubt about that. Wars, while numerous around the globe do not involve every person. Many of the conflicts are based on ancient hatreds.

Slavery was once common and accepted in nearly all cultures.

Slowly over time people began to see the wrong and evil in enslaving another human. Christ introduced the concept that all humans are brothers and sisters.

It is true that slavery exist in parts of Africa and the middle east, but such are the cultures.

There is more good being done by humankind than evil.

That last sentence is controversial.

How does one view humankind?

I see our kind in all its diveristy as a great blessing. To learn from and share as much as possible during my alotted years.

Others, (HINT - think green, really, really extreme green), view humankind as a blight upon the earth and that wars and disease serve a useful purpose in reducing humanities numbers.

Where does silli cat stand?


Anonymous said...

There are parts of the world that have not evolved with time and remain with their age old traditions and cultures. Innocently ignorant and stubborn.

And yet there are parts of the world too that deliberately choose not to evolve in order to manipulate and exploit the ignorant and the weak. Intentional and cunning.

Silli cat says one needs to differentiate between the two and not be so quick to condemn just because we have so called progress with the times. We have not. Warring amongst ourselves are equally barbaric and backward if seen from another higher plane or by a more superior being.

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

Tradition is no excuse for brutality. Either you condemn or condone rape. How different is this treatment of women from war rapes? I say: this tradition of rape is worse because it's one that is condoned by their society and by people who think it's a sort of tradition that should be "respected" (omg??) whereas war rapes are widely known to be unacceptable and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yu-Kym, in our so-called civilised times, rape in any form is unacceptable of course.

But in a backward society still living in the old age cut off from civilisation and modernity, their so-called "rape" (which is a term we give) may be part and parcel of their society's culture and tradition. Where it is even permissable to commit incest, have sex with other women for reasons justified by their own beliefs and traditions. Marriage may be also be unheard of. And many more taboos which we termed according to our standards.

Who is to say they should be condemned by our own advance standards so many centuries ahead of their stagnation.

If you do that, you are being hypocritical, equally barbaric in the way we so called civilised ppl conduct our warring lives and other cruelties and atrocities. A far superior being than us would have put us so-called "civilised" ppl worse than barbaric and cruel.

If you really want to change or condemn these ancient tribes with their so-called unacceptable practices, use your energy to start changing ourselves first before we condemn some ppl that continue living within themselves apart from our so-called civilised world. Leave them alone! Dont mess with their practices before you improve your ownself.

Kay Pohs and Hypocrites! tsk tsk

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

I have to completly disagree that condeming an African tribes tradition of raping 6 year old girls, is hypocritical with the problems that contemporary societies face.

I cannot remember Yu-Kyn ever writing that war is good or even desirable.

However the right to protect a way of life from attack is well established. Should dictators like Libya's Muammar Al Qathaf or Syria Assad be allowed to slaughter people opposed to living under a totalitarian rule?

Perhaps you should try living in North Korea under their glorious and deranged leader.

Rape is EVIL, WRONG, IMMORAL, whehter the victim is 6 yrs old, 16 yrs old or 60 yrs old, no tradition or religious dictate makes rape acceptable!


It's bad when you fail morally. It's worse when you don't

-- Luis Palau

Anonymous said...


I have never said too that rape is right. I only said to leave primitive traditions and cultures alone. Dont interfere. Dont judge these backward ppl by our current standards. Let them live their secluded ignorant lives, their traditions and rituals they have lived with for centuries undiluted by modern concepts. There are so many things they practice which we consider deplorable. Which ones do you want them to change?

Before you start condemning the practices of primitive tribes, start with the society you live in the present. Change ourselves first before we start changing them.

We think we are do gooders, but we are only messing with the lives of ppl who are primitive in all ways imaginable and living within themselves and not encroaching upon others.

If you understand their primitive minds and ways, you will leave them alone. If you think you are the know-all, then you will interfere when they dont wish to be.

Let them through time, emerge from their ignorance and dispense with their unacceptable practices. Not before they are due.

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

Most societies and people are trying to improve life for everyone.

For the most part slavery no longer exist in the world. Religous tolerance while not universal is gaining acceptance as a human right.

Nations more often than not reach out to aid other nations when disasters strike. Look at the aid given to Haiti, Japan, Indonesia and other nations after earthquakes, typhoons or tsunamis.

People mostly do not carry weapons around and have daily shootouts on the street. Well maybe in Syria or Libya, but those are hardly model nations for freedom.

Humankind's progress is always uneven. There are many good people working to aid the acceptance of human rights. The internet an global communications is bringing more people together. People from different cultures and nations discuss cultural differences and expectations and learn by sharing such knowledge.

This forum is such an example.

However as a group we can rightfully express disapproval of cultures that practice raping of 6 yr old girls.


Anonymous said...


In primitive societies, their traditions, beliefs and cultures do not consider it as "rape" the way we define it. Their actions are as normal and justified to them as they are abnormal and despicable to us. Just as the myriad of strange and almost always astonishing but disgusting practices - from child puberty mutilation of private parts to head hunting, from their diet, medicinal practices to their religious rituals as dictated by their shamans, from the men proving their manhood, woman signalling their readiness for consumation (some at rather young age), from all manner of superstition and belief in the supernatural that require needless and horrible life sacrifices, etc etc.

Now you tell me, how many of these myriad of practices that we consider deplorable and disgusting are we going to condemn?

These primitive cultures are living within themselves, accepted in total by their own societies as normal and beneficial to them. Incomprehensible as they may seem to us. What right do we have to condemn or interfere?

We must let these ppl evolve (some too slowly but inevitably) to more acceptable ways of a society we consider civil. Even if we believe having a 7yr old girl committed to an adult man for marriage and his sexual satisfaction is beyond our comprehension.

Dont tell me you are advocating the likes of the missionaries of days long past imposing their beliefs on the primitive societies and hastening their demise?

I say leave them be to evolve at their own pace. If their society accepts the practices that they adhere for ages as normal and sensible to them for whatever reasons, so be it.

With due respect to your views, I too do not condone non-civilised practices as we agree what these are. But neither do I agree that we are whiter than white to interfere into primitive societies in the remotest Amazonian jungles! These my last words on the subject.

silli cat