Happy Summer Solstice Singapore!

Contributed by David

At 42.82 north Summer begins on June 21, 2011 at 116 pm Eastern daylight time, EDT.

In SG and the other side of the causeway most likely the local druid and Gaia worshippers, (environmental extremist) will be celebrating the Summer solstice.
Beautiful Singapore will welcome summer in at June 22, 2011 at 1:16 AM.
In the northern part of the world I call home, summer will warm us to 29C late in the afternoon.

29C you say is no big thing? True in SG that might even be a cool day. Up here many girls will be wearing those tiny shorts that seem to occupy SG bloggers and AsiaOne. Send their photographers to the States and they would wear out several digital cameras and countless numbers of flash memory cards documenting the girls wearing tiny shorts.

The big thing about summer in the northern latitudes is this season is a brief visitor. June 21, 2011 will be the longest day of the year with 15.3 hours of daylight. Sunrise is at 5:55 AM and sets at 9:13 PM.

By this Friday the days begin to get shorter as there will be one minute less daylight. By the time summer ends in September 23 the sun sets at 7:23 PM. The days are cooler and the nights bring the first indication of the cold that winter will soon bring to the north country.

So for the next 10 or 12 weeks this part of the world enjoys the blossoms of summer, the bounty of numerous farmers fields. I am even growing tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and two blueberry bushes behind our condo for the first time!
I even dare show my hairy legs when I wear some conservative shorts that end just above the knee.

Don’t make fun now. While your ancestors frolicked naked on warm sun kissed beaches, my ancestors were hunting wooly mammoths for their fur in order to make warm garments from living near retreating glaciers.
Have great summer Singapore!


Anonymous said...

You are supposed to dance naked round the stones to enjoy the mystical powers of the solstice.

David said...


Only if one is a Druid or Gaist.

Count me out of those groups.