Clubbing is so "happening"

I don't enjoy clubbing/pubbing. I'm not ashamed to say that either. I don't know why people love taking pictures of themselves in clubs/pubs to post on Facebook or their blogs. What is it supposed to mean? That they are very "happening"?

In case you don't already know, let me tell you what's happening.

Alcohol makes people age faster. Add late nights of pubbing/clubbing, smoking and supper (excess calories accelerates aging), and people would look 10 years older than their real age. You may think the people in clubs/pubs look young - but that's only under dim lights. If you look at them in broad daylight, you might think you just saw ghosts!

Clubbing/pubbing isn't cheap. Cover charges, drinks, parking/taxi fare, supper. This is one reason why I don't think highly of guys who hang out at clubs/pubs - especially those who complain about high cost of living! They want to live a high life so, of course, their cost of living is high!

What's so nice about clubbing/pubbing? The people may be all dressed up and looking nice when they get there but there are many who end up sitting on the toilet floor (if they manage to get there in time) or lying on the road. See pictures here. People get robbed when they are passed out. Some girls even zao geng and get molested/raped.

My friend told me that she passed out on the floor after drinking alcohol and didn't know how she got from point A to point B. "Fortunately" that happened on the plane. What do you think would have happened to her if she had passed out in a pub? Something very "happening", I would imagine.


Bing said...

Exactly! I never like clubbing at all.

I hate the smoking smell as well.

Drinking excessively will lead to liver damage.

Alcohol supporters will claim drinking moderately is healthy. That is a big lie!!!

Read this...

Anonymous said...

Right and Wrong! There are these ugly aspects of clubbing by stupig foolish ppl.

There are also those who club sensibly and enjoy themselves without making a fool of or embarassing themselves and causing problems for other ppl.

Clubbing is a thoroughly fun and enjoyable activity but as in all things, have a balance and do them sensibly.

If so, why begrudge their publicity of their "happening"? If you have the means and likeminded sensible friends, go have good clean fun! You dont have to mimic the foolishness of others when you club you know?

I have partied extensively and enjoyed it thoroughly but I have slowed down as the years caught on. I would have regretted it now if I had not done the things I can when I was younger.You are only young once!

silli cat