Cheapest netbooks at PC Show 2011

My sister is looking for a cheap netbook so I compiled all the prices here as at day 1 of the PC Show 2011.

The cheapest is Asus 1011PX at $349, followed by Prolink UW2 at $388. Several others go for $399. I believe the prices will be reduced progressively over the next few days and prices are negotiable depending on which shop you buy from (some sales people might be given the flexibility to reduce the price but at the expense of their commission). Stock for certain colours/models may run out so if you are insistent on a particular colour, I suggest you buy it while it's available.

Asus 1015B netbook for $399. See flyer
Asus R051PM/1015PEM for $399. Asus 1011PX for $349. See flyer

Prolink UW2 netbook at $388 See flyer

Samsung N150P netbook for $399 See flyer

HP mini for $399 See flyer

Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 for $399 See flyer


David said...


Netbooks are still an attractive portable computer factor.

Tablets offer some of the functionality, but now are often more expensive. At the same time only recent releases of new tablets offer dual core processors.

Storage option are great for netbooks and still limited to flash memory for tablets.

People do no overlook netbooks, right not netbooks offer more function for the dollar.


Yu-Kym said...

Tablets cost twice as much now, plus at least $60 more to add on a bluetooth keyboard or docking station and more money again for external storage or memory cards.