236 Years - Celebrating the Strength of the United States of America

Contributed by David

Happy Birthday to the United States Army.

On the morning of April 19, 1775, a handful of militia engaged a force from the British army on Lexington Common in Massachusetts.

A little less than two months later, on June 14, the Continental Congress of the very young United States adopted the American Continental Army and gave birth to the worldly revered force we serve today.

Tuesday will mark 236 years of service to our nation. A nation we who wear the uniform are committed to defend “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
Sometimes that domestic enemy is not one that bears arms, but brings destruction through man-made or natural disasters.

Whether the destroyer was hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes, and regardless of whether the ravaged area was local, a foreign land devastated by tsunami or earthquake, the Army has met the challenge with discipline and training.


Anonymous said...

I salute the US military for all that they have sacrificed which intentionally or otherwise allow me to live a life full of hope and happiness and also magnanimous enough to also allow the likes of the ingrate Con-Mic to live to only open his mouth and pour scorn on the USA!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

I salute the US military for single-handedly they brought USA to her knees close to bankruptcy.
Lives were wasted for little purpose at Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
Now those silli silli Americans can’t fight wars anywhere they like for the simple reason they have run out of money!
sillier cat

Yu-Kym said...

I find it ironic that Singapore was saved in World War 2 when the Americans defeated the Japanese but Singaporeans seem to have greater awe (and sympathy) for the Japanese than Americans.

Anonymous said...

What is even more ironic is this cattle being branded on his forehead "Con-Mic" has a big mouth to open because he has benefitted from how history has unfolded.

Indeed it is sad that precious lives were wasted in WWII and in Vietnam and other conflicts so that he has this big mouth to open. What insult and injustice to those who sacrifice themselves and whose families lost generations of love-ones.


silli cat

David said...


Japan is much closer to SG than the States. Japanese culture and products have a far shorter distance to travel.

I would not be surprised to find that more Singaporean's travel to Japan for business and holidays, than to the United States.

Geography plays a big role here.

I would enjoy traveling to SG and Japan. The cost of the round trip air travel is expensive and is the biggest price to bear when traveling to your part of the world.

Electrons otoh are far less expensive even if far less satisfying!