Pretending to be someone else online

It's common: people online pretending to be someone they're not.

I've encountered many. But these are the few I recall:

1. A guy put up a photo of his friend and said that was his photo. After chatting with him online, I agreed to go out with him. He then revealed his real photo. Although he looked better than his friend (at least from the photos) I decided not to go out with him.

2. A guy showed me his pictures (of a Caucasian man) and claimed that those were pictures of him. He claimed to be from Florida. When I spoke with him on the phone, he didn't sound American to me at all. He claimed that it was because he had been in Singapore for a long time so he speaks like a Singaporean. Later on he admitted that he wasn't the man in the picture but he really wanted to meet me. He sent me his "real" picture - of a fat Indian guy.

3. A "girl" put up sexy pictures of herself and chatted with me. She claimed to be bisexual and to enjoy masturbating. She would ask me questions about vibrators and share her experience making out with girls in her school. So I suggested that we should meet up since we're both bisexual. Of course, she made up many excuses.

I wasn't surprised when I read that a woman found out that her online boyfriend was actually a woman! [Read more here] [Read also: The biggest lies people tell in online dating]
There are just too many people out there with nothing better to do!


Anonymous said...

Everything in this world is a stage, like Shakespeare said.
And now the internet as well. Nothing is to be believed wholesale or even any at all. Always believe only when you actually get to see the goods, not only in love but in practically everything else including God. That is my tenet in life.

But I also have something to add on this subject which I also follow all my life:

If I expect to be called to show my cards to back up what I say, then what I say from the start will be able to be substantiated without difficulty. But if there is no possibility at all that I will ever have to or need to call "my bluff" so to speak, then you can expect a lot of cock and bull from me.

There's no need for me to tell you how I have fared in my life. Whether you believe my success or not does not matter to me. What matters is when you decide to call "my bluff", we put our wagers on the table, and the game is on. The winner takes all.

And my dear Con-Mic who ridicules my fellow Singaporeans as Silliporeans and my leaders as LEEches, Con-You etc and cursed Mr Lee and the late Mrs Lee Kuan Yew by saying the Marina Bay Sands are their tombstones, you think you will win against me? Try it! I am prepared to call your bluff anytime as you seem to like hiding in your hole! lol

I want Con-Mic to show himself!

silli cat