OMG! Termites in my wardrobe!


I was wondering why there was mud and holes in one of my panties. Then I realised that there was a whole trail of what looks like mud in my wardrobe!

The termites actually ate into and made holes in my clothes. I threw my "infected" clothes away. The ones that were close but not in direct contact are in my washing machine being washed at 90-degree hot water.

I have to call pest control tomorrow and take a half day off to see to the problem. It's a public holiday today so they're all closed.

Anyone had experience with termites? Please share!

I'll be getting rid of the 2 wardrobes. I have laminate flooring so I don't want the termites eating away the flooring! Town council is closed today so I can't remove the wardrobes. Should I get pest control in first before the wardrobe is moved?

My skin is in a constant state of itching and my hair feels like it's standing on end.


Anonymous said...

Termites love wet stuff.

U must have lots of wet panties.

Anonymous said...

It may be wet condoms attracting them

Anonymous said...

prolly yr laminated flooring was already infected by termites and they moved on to yr wardrobes :S

A said...

you could buy some chemical to avoid termites and avoid them coming back

Yu-Kym said...

The laminate flooring is new. The termites could be the old wood from the area around the aircon. Or even the ikea cupboard. My sister said she had "sandy" stuff around the cupboard and near the window (somewhere are the aircon). Hope the exterminator will be able to get to the bottom of the matter. What chemicals to buy?

David said...


Termites are nasty critters.

The warm climate of SG is ideal for these little nasties.

I know that in Florida and other warm parts of the states termites require twice a year spraying to keep them at away.

Left unprotected termites will always find a piece of wood to turn into lunch.

Get a reliable pest control company to rid your home of these pest!


Anonymous said...

Dont rely on amateur adhoc casual well-meaning advice. Call the pest contol people and get advice from them. Do it right so that you rid of the pests completely from the whole house. Do it wrong and the termites will return with a vengeance.

And please dont freak out over it. It's not an uncommon problem.

silli cat

PS How I wish Con-Mic can be rid of the same way. Sorry Con-Mic..just cant resist poking fun at you. You are so funny guy with a good sense of humour. lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the high workmanship of HDB flats.

Since the lease-hold is only 99 years and SG is already 50 years old, Con-You makes sure the building does not last for more than 99 years lah! So it is designed with termite channels and holes to ensure it cannot last more than 99 years.

SO windows fall out, tiles come off, lifts fail, cement blocks fall off etc.

Anonymous said...

And Con-Mic's day to day one-room rental hole-in-the-ground where he shares with rats and termites caved in! You are really a Con-Mic you know that? Normal ppl live above ground, you live underground. Why hide? What are you so ashamed of Con-Mic? lol

silli cat

julia said...
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