No tablet worth buying other than...

I went to Challenger (Funan branch) to check out the latest tablets. Acers are very heavy, Motorola Xoom wasn't powered but it's heavy too, Dell Streak is small and light with its 5" screen, some China tablets are light but they're wifi only, and 2 other tablets' software had crashed! Yeash! ALL are overpriced.

The iPad 2 is very slim and very light. Other tablet makers should give shoppers better reasons for buying their tablets. It's silly to buy a chunky, heavy, expensive and wifi only piece of electronic that has a higher rate of depreciation in value than an iPad 2.

But too bad the iPad 2 is sold out in most countries. Even online sales has been put on hold in all Asian countries except Malaysia. Strangely, there is a message on Malaysia's Apple Online Store that says the items are shipped from Singapore. So why isn't iPad 2 available in Singapore if it's shipped from Singapore?

It seems there's bleed problem with the iPad 2's screen. Perhaps Singapore is selling all the bleeding iPad 2's to Malaysia?

There won't be any good tablets to buy during the PC Show next month, so I'm thinking it might be a good idea to buy an iPad 2, play with it for a while and sell it if I get sick of it. The resale price doesn't differ much from the retail price.

I may be going to KL for work soon. Maybe I'll go queue at the shop in the evening if there's stock :D


Anonymous said...

How about Samsung Galaxy Tab, smaller than IPad and reasonable screen size.

Yu-Kym said...

I can't seem to type a sentence on Galaxy Tab without making many mistakes!

David said...


If you have a chance, play with Xoom with power. I found the Xoom very fast and with Xd card storage, one can configure more storage than the iPAd2.

The The Acer Iconia Tab offers Android Honeycomb on a 10.1-inch screen along with GPS, front and rear cameras, Adobe Flash compatibility, full-size USB host port, HDMI output, and a reasonable price.

Read more:

For those considering the IPad2 the article at;, is enlightening.

I am still learning more about my new Galaxy S. I am encouraged with news about the Galaxy S2 that features a 4.7inch screen, as I found the Dell Streaks 5" screen very nice. The only problem with the Dell is that my carrier does not support the Streak.

Looking forward to you Tablet selection!


Yu-Kym said...

Acer Iconia Tab's price, S$700 for the wifi version, isn't reasonable at all: it is madness! I'm going to wait and see which tablets other than iPad2 will be bundled with data plans.

David said...


Is the Galaxy tablet available in SG?

Several carriers offer the Galaxy tablet with some attractive plans.

One carrier offers the Galaxy tablet for $149.00USD, with a two year contract, unlimited data plan is $30.00USD per/month.