Motorola Xoom and Acer W500 Tab prices are shockers

The iPad2, Motorola Xoom (Wifi)(Android 3.0 Honeycomb) and Acer Iconia Tab W500 (Windows 7) have been launched in Singapore.

I was shocked at the pricing for the Xoom (Wifi) and W500, $888 and $988 respectively.

Although the iPad2 was sold out on the launch day, the "entry level" 16GB versions were far cheaper at $668 for Apple iPad2 Wifi 16GB and $848 for Apple iPad2 Wifi+3G 16GB.
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I'd suggest waiting for the PC Show to be held on June 9-12 2011 at Suntec to buy a non-iPad tablet. The prices would be reduced to more realistic prices then.


David said...


Most tablets are quite overpriced.

I took an opportunity to spend some time with a Galaxy tablet. While a nice tablet and quite capable, the size makes it impracticle as both a smart phone and everyday computing device.

Samsung's Galaxy smartphone will be delivered to me later today. My wife will starting a Droid 2 Global.

I will share my initiation into smartphones soon!


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Yu-Kym said...

I couldn't manage to enter a sentence without typo errors on the Galaxy tab even after I tried it on 3 separate occasions. The on-screen keyboard doesn't suit me.

David said...


I had some time will my Samsung ICH-I500 was having data transfered from the old Razor to put some time on the Galaxy and XOOM tablets.

Both have useful screens and good touch type pads.

The XOOM was faster than the Galaxy tablet, and that should be no surprise considering the XOOM has newer tech inside.

Even more new Android tablets running Honeycomg 3.0 which is the most powerful version of the Droid OS to date. The feature set is well described on tech sites so I will not repeat anything here.

Samsung is coming out with a smartphone with a 4.5" screen. That actually is a much larger screen than the 4" screen the Galaxy S has.

Fun times for tablets and mobile phones.