Business travel is no vacation

When I told my friends that I was going to be travelling (overseas) for work, a few of them said that it's good that I get to travel or wished that they got to travel for work too.

As I wrote in my previous post, Singaporeans' love affair with the skies, travelling for work isn't fun. Unlike joining a tour group for sight-seeing, business travelling requires you to be independent (you don't always get to travel with colleagues), able find your way around, to endure being alone and be unafraid of meeting people whom they've never met or spoken to before.

I'm finally back in Singapore and have 1 day to recover before I start another week of work.

And, oh yes, I didn't mention: upon returning there's always a backlog of work to clear and more work in the pipeline if the purpose of travelling is to get more projects or business!


David said...


I am in complete agreement.

I just returned from a week of off-site work. I have a three day work week to get caught up, and then a debate with a project management office about doing a five day travel plan in three days. The PM office is notorious for wanting tight timelines and low budgets, but in this case trying to compress five days work into three days is where I do not compromise.


cute_boboi said...

It's me again...

I used to travel for work within ASEAN + HK region. It is no fun to be alone without colleagues at Mongkok/TST in the evening, wondering and worrying about work/conf-call later at night or the next day.

Once work is done, have to rush back to settle local work. There is no time to take even one day extra leave to walk around.

eddy planer said...

Hi Yu Kym,
I just got back from the 8-hours gruelling flight Mauritius biz trip( closed USD 2. 9m deal) which is 4hrs behind SG times for a couple of weeks, and again I still have to fly to Stockholm / Prague in five-day times to attend the conference for another one week. In another five days later after one week, fly straight to Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks to close SGD 3.8m deal.

Hence, in a month of Oct to Nov, will be my well deserved exclusively vacation at Santiago, Chile and perhaps with your blessing, I will fly to Easter Island for a day trip.
Wow! In the whole year, I will sorely miss my favourite bak kut teh, laska and all those curry stuffs for a year.
So tell me, do I really delight in myself wayfaring all those places alone?

Let hear from you?


eddy planer said...

Hi Yu Kym,

Is your book still available? I must read your book while flying a long haul flight to Europe or my leisure while on numerous biz trips.


Yu-Kym said...

David, I believe working together in person makes us more effective but it cannot make the work get done faster (5 days' work in 3 days)!

cute_boboi, working overseas is like working 2 shifts. Evenings are spent in conference calls or preparing for work the next day.

eddy, I think your friends are envious that you get to travel to those places, right? Haa. It sounds nice in theory but I know it's not always fun. Sometimes it's nicer to have company. Yes, my book is available through mail.

eddy planer said...

You mean my friends? They're all are flat-out habituated globetrotters, and I should be the one who envious. We can only be meeting up either in UK for old alumnae party or Cape Town for Christmas and SG for CNY. However, they are all pure Singaporean. They're simply everywhere around the world. The only way to contact them to meet up just pick the phone or text them or either chat line / email.
I, just being alone enjoyed a happy hour whatever I'm in Singapore.
I must confess life can be even more boring whenever I'm in Singapore.
your view please?