Are you satisfied with the outcome of SG GE2011?

With the PAP's share of vote eroding and the loss of 1 GRC, I think they are going to be on their toes. The newly-elected opposition members will hopefully work hard to serve because they're new. The increase in opposition's % of votes and that none of them was thrown into jail this time will also encourage more capable people to step forward.

- Tin Pei Ling's post in Facebook on the cool-off day because she claimed that the post was an "honest mistake" made by her friend, her Facebook page administrator. Before she starts serving Singapore she has already made a serious mistake! I hope she will work very hard to prove herself as a capable representative of Singapore. I don't wish her any ill or wish that she will fail because her failure will affect us. Instead, I hope she will succeed, mature and through her efforts in the next 5 years, prove herself to be a worthy candidate for the next election. (Let's face it: the public didn't think she was worthy at all this time.)
- Nicole Seah's crying over some boy whose mother can't afford tuition fees/deposit. Seriously, I know of better sob stories than that. Although she appears very passionate about serving Singapore, it takes more than tears, compassion and PR skills to serve Singapore. Do you want tax payers money to get channelled into paying tuition fees for every needy child? I say: solve the problem at the root, i.e. the education system. Facts, figures, data and some plans please! Crying gets you nowhere in parliament. However, I hope she will continue to develop skills and knowledge, and contest in the next election.

Although the media made it out to seem like it was a girl vs girl fight, it was really Nicole Seah+party vs SM Goh Chok Tong, our former Prime Minister. It's no surprise who won.

I know many people are sad that George Yeo and Chiam See Tong got voted out. But thanks to the GRC system, some good ministers have to be sacrificed for the good of some others that are seen as unworthy. I'd like to see the GRC system abolished. This way, more - or perhaps all - of the worthy individuals can be elected to serve. Why shouldn't the PAP or anyone want the best people, as elected by the people, to serve Singapore? (I'm sure they can find some other creative way of getting representation for the minority races.)

Ultimately, it should not be about victory for PAP or the opposition. Regardless of who won, we are all one Singapore!

It will be work/business as usual on Monday for most of us. What changes?

Now, let us be kinder and more considerate towards each person we encounter each day. We can live in happiness, harmony and prosper together! Just as we have seen for ourselves how each individual vote counts, achieving any big goal starts with the little things that we do each day.


couct said...

It's a pity that George Yeo lost. He is one of the few from the PAP that a lot of people respect.

Yu-Kym said...

Ya. But I think the PAP has "no regrets" over the GRC system.

dediall said...

The NEXT election will be a game-changer.

If the government continues not have a heart for those struggling on the ground, and if housing prices continue to be prohibitive to the younger generation, Singaporeans cannot be expected to have an affinity or loyalty to a country which they have NO sense of belonging where they cannot even own their own flat.

So what is the younger generation expected to sacrifice their lives for to defend Singapore? Who would want to give their lives to defend the Geylang brothels or the Mandai Crematorium? Defend their own property - ah! that's a different story.

As of now, native Singaporeans are being pushed aside by wealthy foreigners who pushed up the prices of housing and the government seems to be supporting these foreigners.

In a sense, native Singaporeans could have seen this as a betrayal. A sellout by their leaders to the highest OVERSEAS bidder.

The ruling party better realize that having a groundswell of resentment from the rank-and-file Singaporean is going to result in a political mega-earthquake + tsunami + nuclear meltdown. It's far worse that having an enlarged opposition in the Parliament.

What happened during this elections is merely a minor tremor.

The writing is on the wall. It has been there all this while but the government was slow to act because they did NOT get hurt. The only writing that hits them hard is that on the ballot papers.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Dediall has some rights and some wrongs. Nevertheless they are food for thought.

But in the essence I think Singaporeans are having it all too easy the past many years. Their demands are as a result of having lived the good life and wanting more without fulling comprehending that having more means a trade off somewhere else.

All these altruistic complaints about the government not helping the needy enough is somewhat true but if you look at it closely, its all a red herring for their incessant and limitless wants. How much have they actually done themselves for the needy? They are all excuses for their own greed.

The people of Singapore will be its own downfall for no matter how good the government, the times do change people's perception and wants. It's only natural and inevitable. The only difference is that nations with resources survive no matter what the outcome. Island state like Singapore perishes. Period.

The PAP just has to do its best to stem this inevitable tide from coming too soon... at least delay it till i am dead and gone and i couldnt then care what happens to the island. The next elections vote for the government they want. They bear the consequences. I have enjoyed my time and reaped the benefits the PAP government provided me. Good luck the wisdom of the next generation of voters.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Good that George Yeo wont be returning to Aljunied. Dont give those hypocrites in Aljunied who voted him out and yet professed they love him the satisfaction of having their cake and eat it.

Now George Yeo can go around wearing his Rolex watch, drive his flashy car, go to the fanciest of restaurants, etc without people talking about his extravagance, dont have to kiss babies, dont have to meet the ungrateful people in meet the people sessions, go on to earn much more as a private citizen.

If George Yeo returns to Aljunied or stand for election anywhere else, it would mean that one can vote a good minister out and still have him back. PAP not so stupig. Our greedy electorate has to pay the price.

I find it so much hypocrisy that one can vote such a good minister out and yet profess their love for him. What is PAP's policies so different from George's? He cant be far from the party line and yet they say they love him but he is voted out. What a shame and loss for Singaporeans and Singapore.

I say good riddance to the constituents who voted PAP and George out. They dont deserve George Yeo's presence. George has sacrificed enough for the ungrateful 56% voters. These voters are greedy lot. They have it good under PAP and yet they want the opposition. They love George and yet they did the opposite. What does it say? Greed Greed Greed.

Good luck Mr George Yeo and may God Bless You!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP! PAP! For giving us tiny matchbox rotten workmanship HDB! Everyone goes by bus or pay COE! Casinos increase Sg’s GDP by 14%! Pump price goes up by 10%! Utilities, groceries prices go up! Sg $ goes down! Do you feel rich?

Look at those across the causeway. They drive cars, no COE! Live in houses not match boxes. Cheap petrol so much so Sg has the three-quarter-tank law with heavy fines.

F**k the pay-and-pay or pee-and-poo. Join Malaysia. Take over Malaysia. KicK the Agong out. Install a Siliporean as Akong!

Anonymous said...

What's this about George yeo? I'll take 5 good people over 1 george yeo.

Anonymous said...

haha Con-Mic, you must be living a very frustrated life to be suffering from all these ills.

haha No wonder you feel all these angst and envy.

haha No wonder I am so happy. I dont live in a tiny matchbox, I dont know how to take the bus, I can afford to pay as much COE as necessary, I dont contribute to the casino, I am glad GDP goes up, I am not hurt by pump price nor utilities and grocery bills, I am glad Sing dollar goes up.

Yes I feel damm rich and happy. Eat your heart out some more Con-Mic! If you are enjoying the so called good life in Malaysia or anywhere else you wont be this frustrated. Poor thing you. Singapore also not happy. Malaysia also not happy, Where are you happy? Hiding in your rat hole underground. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...


Pray tell your 5 good people! Who are they? Would be very interesting to hear of your astute choices. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I choose tin pei ling to become foreign minister! LOL!

Anonymous said...

When George Yeo said in his press interview...."after 23 yrs... this is politics", he is being too polite. His true feelings? "After 23 yrs, it's good riddance to the ungrateful hypocrites". lol

When both he and Lim Hwee Hua said they were both surprised by the big loss margin, they both decided not to return to Aljunied. Their message again? "Aljunied dont deserve them...why return to serve the ingrates and the greedy?" lol

Smart people who now can finally return to the good life!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

*stamps feet* i dont know what to say...... LOL!

Anonymous said...

move over george yeo, TPL is here to take over....yeehaw

Anonymous said...

SGers used to complain about the Pee-And-Poo party for rubbishing the opposition and using ISA to gain political dictatorship.

Now the MP called Mr Pwee is going to be the under-secretary simply proves that this really is a Pee-And-Poo party!

Anonymous said...

From today's ST :-

MM Lee, SM Goh to retire from Cabinet

MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, 87, and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, 69, have announced their retirement from the Cabinet.

In an unexpected joint statement on Saturday evening, they wrote: 'We have studied the new political situation and thought how it can affect the future. We have made our contributions to the development of Singapore.'

Wow, how powerful Fungshiu at work!
To the unbelivers, repent, for there is Greater Power Than Man Can't Complehend!

Anonymous said...

Last night I heard celebration fireworks and saw two of the tablets shinning bright. Oh both the Mental and Senile Ones are gone! Didn’t he boast that he will send in the army of the election result is not to his taste?

afementh said...

Gone from Cabinet means nothing. They still exert a potent force behind the scenes.

Once MM dies, that's when the real show starts. The glue that keeps the PAP from fragmenting will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Poor fellas,

must be hard done and peed and pooped on by the PAP that's why so much angst and envy and jealousy.

You fellas got the shits in life huhh? lol Its ok, you will get used to it. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Where is silli cat? What happened to him? Madi liao?

Come out and say a few good words about "Con-mic" lah? Keep the fun up lah!

Anonymous said...

Hey Con-Mic

you light up my life with your Con and Comedy.

is that better Con-Mic? lol

silli cat