About Yu-Kym!


I thought putting Yu-Kym's name would get your attention. Mentioning the name Yu-Kym brings many SG, and likely a few of her international readers right to the edge of wet dreams.

Enough of the tweaking.

I can almost imagine a few alert readers saying; "David mentions Yu-Kym and her hotness, and there is this picture of some old guy..."
Surely my photo will not get anyone's attention for more than a few nanoseconds.

No one will accuse me of causing wet dreams. If my ancient memory is correct, an Anonymous comment noticing that Ms. Loh was setting me loose upon the unsuspecting citizens of Singapore wrote-

They will be crawing and screeching between their legs!
And all their wet dreams will now become "dry dreams"!

I thought heard those faint screeching noises last night.
Either that noise is from distressed Singapore males, or from cat that has been stalking Sea Gulls outside my home.

There might be a grain of truth in an overused cliche, best describing me having a face meant radio, or up dating the cliche, best on a blog. I can also say I have voice best suited for print.
SG males must be having vividly horrendous dry dreams right about now!
Need more scary imagery?

Be careful what you ask for!
I aim to please!

That guy in the photo deals with asthma and allergies. Frequent runny noses and a little cough that just is always there. That means that this foray into contributing here fits me like tight pair of tight jeans, which btw is also something you do not want to see!

About the photo, yes I am daring you to look at the pic one more time.
If one dares look at the photo taken at the Continental divide of the United States last year you will see the contributing author.
Is that grey hair?

Yes, and more than a few lines on my grizzled face!
You have been warned...
Proceed at your own risk.

I promised to be provocative, and interesting. (at least I am trying.)
We could ask for a photo of Yu-Kym right here but that might be asking for to much from her!

Oh my, did the boredom factor just kick in here...

Note to self-- Self no more prattling about being boring, everyone already knows this.

I have to pause in my ramblings to give Yu-Kym credit for her prodigious writing capacity!

Contributing references and tech data in an email is very different than writing something interesting.

So please do not drift off if you are drowsy at this point as you could hurt someone else or yourself. Being given the freedom to write on any topic sounds easy. This type of writing is not easy!

Writing about my work would be an effective sleep aid, so I will not inflict that upon anyone. While I could write about my favourite place to eat, no one in Singapore is likely to visit Smackwater Jacks's .

The greatest pizza on Earth, nuff said? I agree.

I like to read your comments and as such found a couple ideas for future post.

Time to move this along and ramble on.

Please feel free to bloviate, please make sure your pellucid remarks accurate!


Anonymous said...


I am sorry to say... Boring leh!lol

But keep on trying k? Dont give up.

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, I appreciate all your posts! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...
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