59% of women experience relationship abuse

A US survey result is shocking: 59% of women have experienced relationship abuse.

I won't be surprised if the number is much higher in Asia and the Middle East. There countries where violence against women is not seen as wrong. In Egypt, a female reporter was pulled into the crowded, molested, beaten and gang raped in public by a mob for 25 minutes. None of the local men tried to help her. Instead, they joined in. The reporter wasn't even saying anything against the people there! And they were having a celebration. Apparently, they have a very perverted way of completing their celebration. I feel very sad that such a thing happened. I hope that people, especially women, can be supportive of other women who are in abusive relationships or have experienced physical violence. Regardless of whether the victim should have left the relationship a long time ago, or went to a place like Eygpt during a celebration, no woman "deserves" to be abused.