2011 General Election


On May 7 I trust that all reading this will vote will participate!

Voting that day is one chance for you to express your opinion in a most meaningful manner. Stateside politics is well getting boring. BHO says he will be the most transparent President ever and then refuses to release information most President's freely release. If BHO were so transparent at least one photo of the late Bin Laden would be released. But no. The current American regime has determined the world is not ready for such gruesome photos.

Apparently the occupants of the White House have never seen any Japanese movies that feature hundreds of liters of spurting blood, people with arms and legs severed and worse1

Like many I voice disapproval over my President's amateurish handling of events on the world stage. However I being a little voice in the food chain limits my opinions reach.

My vote will speak louder in November 2012.

Singapore your vote is Saturday!
The ability to influence the next few years and perhaps beyond is in your hands on May 7.

While is matters who you vote for, do vote as an informed individual. Are you better off than you were since the last election?

The people of Singapore's are your nations greatest natural resource!

Read the position papers, Facebook sites of the people you can vote for. Talk with the candidates when possible.

On May 7 - VOTE!


Anonymous said...


If you were to be the President and you know that it is not totally implausible and even probable that releasing just one inappropriate photograph may result in harm to even one of your fellow Americans.....(my favourite here of coz is always to refer to one's own love ones but never mind)...would you have released the photo?

Would you have given in to half the population clamouring for the release of the photo and ignore the other half who insist that the photos should be kept from view?

Would you have said to heck with my campaign promises to be transparent. The situation here calls for a hard decision and I am prepared to make it at the expense of my promises?

Or would you have decided that my promises are more important to my reputation and to hell with whatever extrenuating circumstances but I have to keep my pledge and oh well more body bags cannot be help... it is a price we have to pay to uphold America's principles! Or something like that. hehe

silli cat

Anonymous said...

The people of Singapore are the nation's greatest resource! Hurray Well said.

But it is equally true that the people of Singapore will be the eventual downfall of Singapore!

Mark my words now and after I am dead and gone you will see the wisdom of many others who share this same view.

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

VOTE Wisely.

If you want to vote the opposition in, this may be your one and only chance.

Rest assured that PAP will be stacking the voters with more foreigners in the next General Election which analysts says are more pro PAP than legacy Singaporeans especially when there are no opposition watching over them.

Show that we are Singaporean and not Silliporean. (Apologies Silli Cat)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

gosh you are sick!

Bing said...

I'm sure you know Muslims are very sensitive. The moment they see the dead picture of Osama, you will see more terror on our Planet.

It is a matter of hard judgement on the part of Obama not to disclose the photo.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it through the years of ups and downs in Singapore's short history, no other party could have made better decisions than PAP. For now or the foreseeable future with PM Lee and his successors in charge.

I do think the opposition play a useful role in any government but I am very very doubtful if the current opposition have the brains and the wisdom to come up with policy decisions better than the PAP.

So for now at least, I am not prepared to take the risk with voting any opposition for I see the start of Singapore going down the drain if the PAP slowly loses its majority.

So for me stability and continuity is priority. Or else my assets and investments or if i were to marry and have children, the future will be bleak for them.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

I m as mental as Mental M!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's because no other parties were given a chance. You will get arrested under the ISA and sent to jail without any trial for 20 over years. Too dumb and ignorant but then again, your nick says it all sillicat.

Anonymous said...

How stupig can one be to give an incompetent opposition a chance? Perhaps you my dumb friend if ever you get into government to help your opponent win. lol

Furthermore, if you are stupig enough to get arrested under the ISA, then its proof that you are indeed that stupig incompetent opposition. lol

The Aljunied results have shown that the WP has gotten a foothold as a strong opposition. For now, their impact will not dent PAP's policy directions.

What remains is to see what they represent in Parliament. Do they oppose for the sake of oppositon with policies that are poor solutions to problems? And in the future, if they do get further seats in Parliament, will they inevitably cause a gridlock in decision-making thus affecting us all?

My bet is that any opposition who profess that they do not wish to form the government with their own agenda and policies are liars. Why have the same policies as the incumbent if they are in opposition?

But if the PAP has delivered in their capable leadership so many years with generally sound policies, how can the present opposition do better?

Obviously they cannot. So the logical conclusion is that if more opposition gets into parliament in the future and eventually form an obstacle to the PAP policies, Singaporeans will eventually suffer in every aspect of their lives.

Jobs will be harder to come by, assets will fall in value, cost of living including healthcosts, transport and others will be even higher and if these do not go up appreciably then you can see our reserves dwindling....something has to give, internal cohesion amongst different races will erode, international standing and national security will suffer, it's a vicious cycle, each mis-step feeding on itself, each problems more and more insurmountable.... eventually Singaporeans can no longer be proud to reveal themselves as Singaporeans, your children will have a bleak future and what Singapore have built so far will eventually deteriorate and collapse. Future Singaporeans will be a generation known more famously as boat refugees.

We are a tiny island. You think we cant go down the drain fast? Think again.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Are u 14 years old stupig cat? opps sorry i am stooping as low as u. Do u know what the ISA is? Ok here ya go, go read up and try to fill ur brains up with information ya? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internal_Security_Act_(Singapore)

"But if the PAP has delivered in their capable leadership so many years with generally sound policies, how can the present opposition do better?"

This statement is like when they asked tin pei lin if she would change any policies in the PAP, and her answer was....wait...sillicat, are u TPL? lol!

Anonymous said...


If silli cat is so stupig and you so clever, then I cant read the link so why dont you tell us all what is the ISA?

Would be interesting to hear from you. keke

You seem to be quite shy in giving complete answers. Your brain works only half way.Come on, give us your take on the ISA. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...


You must be very clever too to think that governments can get its policies right all or most of the time. You must be clever coz you dont ever have to consider trade offs in every policy decision. You always get your decisions and solutions purrfect hor? Everyone gains, no one loses. Everyone happy, no one slips between the cracks. Such a genius you are.

So the fact that through each crisis the PAP has gotten it right almost always you think is a no brainer to a government like yours....QED....coz anyone can do it. So you must be very clever hor? You should form the next governemnt leh. I wonder whether you and your government will do better or cause us all to go down the dumps!

But I am glad you can only just talk....or if you do act, you give half complete solutions just like your replies. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

u cant even read properly? so stupid sia...who thinks sillicat stupid keechu! LOL!

Anonymous said...

no need to be clever to get a seat in parliament, if TPL can do it, so can your grandma or a cockroach. Cheers to GRC! kana slap on the face when the grc system kick georgie out. huahuahua

David said...

People, government rarely get everything right.

Somethings never. Defense and protecting the populace is one most get right. That is unless one lives in Libya or Syria where the government appears to like using the people for target practice.

Here President Obama is trying to rewrite the history of America's relations and treatment of Israel.

Fortunatley most of us remember the Arab wars of agression durint the 1960s and later in the 1980s.

BHO is bumbling American foriegn policy by insulting long time allies and being cozy dictators.

Makes me ill.