Writing a book is not an admission of guilt

A man who wrote a guide book on paedophilia was charged for “distributing obscene material depicting minors engaged in harmful conduct”. [Read more here]

He will not have to register as a sex offender. I suppose it’s because he wasn’t caught in the act of having sex with a child; all he did was write a book. Even if he claimed in his book to be a paedophile or to have performed sexual acts on children, it’s a book and can’t be used as proof of admission of guilt. Actually, one look at his face and I’m convinced that he’s a paedophile. But that again cannot be used to convict him for paedophilia.

In a way, because I’m a writer and self-published author myself, I feel that the court was fair in their ruling. But that’s the US. In Singapore, I think they’ll find a way to get the truth out of him and charge him for paedophilia.

I hope I won't get summoned for writing about oral sex. It is, after all, still illegal. But writing in a book that I did something doesn't mean that I really did it. Some people speculate that I make up stories to spice up my blog and book. Are they right? I shall leave that to your discerning mind.


Anonymous said...

I look at pictures of Yu-Kym and read her blogs about herself, my impression of her is that she is a pint-size, highly sex-charged nympho-imp!

She does make up stories to spike up her blog and herself, but not by much. What she says she is is practically what you will get.

Blend her healthy sexual appetite with her intelligence, spunkiness, wit, sense of humour and adventurism and not too shy open nature, she is an excellent partner in bed. Her light weight is also good for all kinds of acrobatics in bed! lol

No wonder men clamour for her. But only the select best will get to bed her. Caveat: Her past mistakes with dud men dont count. She has learnt well not to rely on fengshui when selecting who she hits the sack with. hehe

silli cat

David said...


Unless some of your sexual adventures were done with underage boys you have no fear of being accused of paedophilia.

IMHO you possess a fertile imagination and a powerful ability to write.

You have written numerous post regarding your appetite for good sex and desire for great sex.


A skeptic is a person who, when he sees the handwriting on the
wall, claims it is a forgery.

-- Morris Bender

Fender Gibson said...

now you are more or less scared on the charge filed on this case. The answer either TRUE or FALSE for what did you say in the blog about the oral act you did before. However, both are negative. No matter which one is TRUE, what you did before is NEGATIVE. In view of this, should we support your book?

Yu-Kym said...

silli cat, you do have a good imagination too! Selection of men has got nothing to do with fengshui.

David, thankfully I'm normal enough not to have sex or sexual fantasies of underage boys.

Fender, whether you want to support my book or not is your choice. I can't make the general public do as I say.

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo, tongue in cheek comment lah..of course selection of men got nothing to do with fengshui...its the zodiac signs. lol

silli cat

charlie hotel said...

I thought they decriminalised heterosexual oral sex some time ago?