The world is full of scumbags; the world is full of foolish women

A gulliable woman got married to a convicted drug trafficker.

If they had known each other outside of prison, I can understand why she would want to marry him (though it’s not something I would do myself). But the woman got to know him when he was already in prison – sentenced to life imprisonment for trafficking 8.9 kilograms of heroin with 8 other traffickers. He can’t protect her, provide for her and her family, or give her any regular sex. What use is he to her, other than to satisfy some weird emotional need? Perhaps hates sex or she enjoys the romanticism of unfulfilled sex.

I read that conjugal visits (i.e. sex) are allowed in Indonesia. Right? If they are, then the man has everything to gain but getting married. Perhaps she's his get-out-of-jail-free card.

The world is full of scumbags – everyone knows that. But I’m surprised to know that there are even more foolish women than scumbags in the world.

Btw, I think if conjugal visits are not allowed, many men would be more afraid to go to jail. Otherwise, they get free food, free lodging and sex for committing crimes? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps she can't wait for a hard dick and hope for some free drugs.