Win 7, Android or iOS?

When trying out the display/demo sets of iPad and Android tablets, I find myself wondering what I'll do on them. I have been reading about apps for iPad and Android. I can’t find any app that I want. I certainly don’t intend to play games. I already have a PSP which I don’t even use. If I have a web browser on my phone, I would hardly need an app. I suppose the information would be displayed nicely and the buttons might be bigger but that’s about it. I used apps on my genuine Sony Xperia X1 but wasn’t impressed. I preferred to use the browser. So I don’t feel apps are a big deal. Or if you think they are, then please name me one iPad or Android app that I can't live without. A Win 7 tablet supporter wrote that are "for people who actually want to do something other than play some games or other BS that they can do on their iphone." I couldn't agree more.

The problem with using a new tech toy is having to convert and transfer data to it.
And for everyone who's been using Windows, Win 7 on a tablet isn't going to be difficult to use. Conversely, switching over to iOS or Android involves learning how to use a new system and searching for software that replicates what we can already do on Win 7, e.g. download torrents, tether, print. I don’t have the time to download and try out different software. And OMG there are videos on how to view PDF files on iPad??

After a whole lot of reading and playing with demo units, I’ve decided that a Windows 7 tablet would best suit my needs. There are many people who say that Windows 7 on a tablet is not going to work. But you know what? I’ve been using Windows 7 starte on my ASUS EEE 101MT 10” touchscreen convertible tablet netbook for 10 months and I’m using Windows 7 professional on my Lenovo X201 Tablet 12” touchscreen convertible tablet laptop – Windows 7 works! I’ll only need one device to use at home and bring with me when I’m commuting. No synchronising data, no need to convert my music and video files, experiment with any software, worry about lack of anti-virus software (Android tablets were recently infected with viruses) or having to buy any anti-virus software or apps.

I don’t know why people are complaining about silly things like the display is not optimised for tablets or buttons are too small while they’re tapping away on their 4” iPhones. Isn’t that like saying a 4” penis is just the right size but a 10” one is too small??

Apple is more of a lifestyle and status symbol than just a brand. Apple products tend to have a higher resale value than similar products from other brands. Scratches or dents would reduce its value, so people tend to buy protective stickers and covers. I dislike having my devices covered because I don't ever get to touch it! It's like being in a committed relationship but always having to cover your penis with condoms. Well, actually, I don't know how that feels but I'm glad I'm not a man!


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One thing missing from the iPad is true multi-tasking. Android tablets can easily handle multi-tasking.

iOS 4.0 introduced what amounts to limited multi-tasking abilities, but it does not work as well as Antroids.

Tech trivia for tablet fans; apparently, the name Ice Cream will be given on the Android 3.1 and will be launched in late 2011.


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I have just bought an 12" laptop for outside use, but now found that an iPad more portable for me. Should have bought IPad instead , at least it will not look out of place than a small laptop in current trend, just my own opinion. Turning on an Ipad and surf is much faster and easier compare to a notebook which usually take longer time to get connect to the web at least i felt this way.

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I have an iPad and an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) both with 3G data plans. While the iPad is nice for basic gaming, e-mag and e-book reading (especially so because of the 4:3 aspect ratio), it doesn't work for me when it comes to web browsing. An el-cheapo netbook would give a much better web experience than an iPad, methinks.

I'm finding myself going back to my 4-inch display phone more and more for email, fb, twitter, web tasks.

Also, when friends ask me, Android or iOS, I will advise them to go iOS if they are either not IT-savvy enough or do not plan to dedicate time and effort on customisation and tweaking of their devices.