Why are some people so nasty?

This is really sad. A mother cut off the penis and testicles of her 4-week-old son. Although she had been convicted, the boy needs surgery that's not covered by insurance. People are trying to raise funds for him.

There's no end to fund-raising. Earthquake, cancer, re-constructive surgery, etc. Whichever cause you support, it's to build a better world, or better lives for certain people.

My friend and I were walking pass a lady selling tissue paper. She was seated on a wheel chair. One of her legs was amputated. My friend said that she and her sister usually buy a packet of tissue paper from her or just give a donation. The lady shared with my friend (on a previous occasion when she still had her legs) that she has diabetes and sometimes people push her down and don't bother to help her up. I don't know why some people can be so nasty. If they don't want to buy tissue paper, that's fine - they don't have to push her down.

Recently a girl lost both her legs after falling onto the MRT track. I'm saddened to hear that but even more saddened to hear that some forumers said that she deserved it for standing too close to the edge. Whoever's fault it is, it's still tragic that it happened. Even if it's the girl's fault, there's no need to say such things to hurt her and her family. And the scary thing is that these nasty forumers may be your colleague, the friendly neighbour next door, or your family member!

And there are people who gloat over other's divorce. Look at the comments in my post Singaporean men vs Caucasian men, accusing Elin Nordegren of being an unsuccessful gold-digger. I do think she's better off with the 100M (that's what the press guessed the settlement amount was) and without Tiger, but not many woman would be pleased to go through global embarrassment and heartbreak (I assume she loved him) for 100M.


Anonymous said...

She is short of sex and wanted to raepe the boy.