Welcome, David!

I invited David to be a guest contributor at my blog for a month. If you’ve been reading the comments at my blog, you would have seen many of David’s comments. We don’t always agree but it’s good to consider a different point of view!


Anonymous said...

OMG, all those Silliporeans will have green eyes, especially silli cat!

They will be crawing and screeching between their legs!

And all their wet dreams will now become "dry dreams"!

There is no longer any need to wash their bed sheets in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Good choice of a contributor as well as a person! But how does David's contributions as a guest contributor differ from what he normally does so well before?

Will he be contributing full blogs on issues rather than just comments? Will he be able to continue as a guest contributor if he is able to fill the vacuum left by you since you are now working full time and writing your 2nd book?

Or will he be starting his own blog once he is successful with his full blogs discussing various issues from sex to religion?

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Hey Con-Mic

If you have the balls you will start your own blog to insult Singaporeans rather than spew your jokes behind Yu-Kym's blogs. With your own blog you will have no end to saying what you want and we will get to see who you really are.

Why are you hiding from view since you have such interesting things to say about us Singaporeans you call Silliporeans? Why were you kicked out of Singapore? What wrong did you do or what wrong did our leaders you call Leeches and Con-You do to you? Tell us all. We want to know why you go into hiding! Why were you shamed and why are you now so ashamed with full of angst? lol

So dont hide, you will be able to dream your dreams to Con everyone with your envy when you have your own blog. Yes Con-Mic? lol

Come on Con-Mic, Con us from your own blog. Dont just be a stand up Con-median. Have your own blog. lol

Silli cat

Anonymous said...

Hey Con-Mic,

Why should any Singaporeans including me be envious of David? David has positive things to add to the blog. David doesnt insult or ridicule. You ridicule and insult not only Singaporeans but Americans too.

You love to Con people with your Con-medic jokes. You have dark shameful reasons to do so. What are these? Why do you do what you do behind Yu-Kym's safe harbour blog? lol

Come on Con-Mic, dont just be a stand up Con-Mic, have your own blog too and not just rat from your hole you hide in. Con-tribute from there. You will have a field day like a field rat. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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