Ugly men should marry ugly women

A study shows that relationships between physically attractive women and unattractive men don't last.

Possible reasons for failure of such relationships:
- The women may realise they can afford to pick and choose.
- They have the confidence to leave behind relationships that have run their course.
- They may generally prefer short-term relationships.
- The relationships might end due to jealous behaviour from the woman’s less attractive partner.

Lack of physical attractiveness is obviously linked to self-esteem. But it's not the only determinant of self-esteem. Some men might not have much money, good looks or good physique but they don't have self-esteem issues whereas some rich and handsome men can have low-self esteem. Perhaps it's self-esteem or looks alone, but to be safe, it's better for attractive women to choose men with healthy self-esteem and good looks (assuming the women themselves have healthy self-esteem).

Btw, the title's only meant to be catchy. Ugliness is more from the inside than outward appearance.


Anonymous said...

If it had been a 1st marriage for Jolie and Pitt when they were both younger, I dare say they would have parted ways too. Chances of such celebrities staying together increases as the years go by and as the number of marriages they went through and got out of piled up. That is when gradually many factors that influence the stability of marriage come into play help make their marriages work better.

silli cat

Anonymous said...


your blog is supposed to be brutally honest, provocative and bold. Ugly is ugly, whether outside or inside. Just as you will find beauty on the outside as well as the inside, same with ugliness too.

You really dont have to be apologetic or qualify yourself if you want to live up to your reputation. Say it as it is!

silli cat