Stupid perverts

Did these guys think they can get away with what they did?

Man beat up his girlfriend's sister, stripped her half naked and filmed her on his handphone.

Bank security guard lured teenager with a job at the bank but instead raped her in the bank.

The victims knew who they were.
Did they hope that the victims would be too ashamed and afraid to tell anyone?

These perverts deserve to be jailed and caned with the famous rotan.


David said...


Technology in the hands of not so bright pervs as you descibe are most certian to get themselves caught. These not the brightlest light in the room also provide authorities with the evidence needed to convict and put themselves away.

Those who are stupid, (in these case this is so TRUE), the pervs got what they deserved.


When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.
~Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

That is why SGers are called Sillyporeans.

Have you ever seen a NSman getting the maid to carry his backpack. Well, that is common in Sillypore and it is in the news all over the world!

Anonymous said...

Hey Con-Mic

The NSman made a mistake and he had the balls to come clean with his gaff. What about you? You continue to hide and ridicule us Silliporeans? Where are your balls? Or are you ashamed for many things that happen to you? lol haha

What have you done that you are ashamed of that you so blatantly hide in your hole and Con us from there? Please tell us. Dont shy Dont shy. lol

silli cat