Should promiscuous girls commit suicide?

A 16-year-old girl committed suicide in Singapore after her sore-loser ex-boyfriend who was tried but failed to get back with her accused her on Facebook of being a “loose woman”. [Read more here]

3 ironies here:
1. It was her boyfriend, not her, who got dumped.
2. She was smart enough to make the right decision to dump the guy, but made a terrible decision to end her life.
3. In her suicide note, she wrote, “I suicide because of him. Don’t let him go." But the act of committing suicide is letting him go.

It’s sad that she had to end her life because of that. Her parents, friends and everyone who loved her must be devastated. Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness towards people who cared about her.
If I had to kill myself for every accusation of my being a "loose woman", I would be dead already even if I were a cat. (It’s said that cats have 9 lives.)

Being promiscuous is way better than being dead.

Btw, I was a guest speaker on Channelnewsasia to discuss cyber-bully in October 2010. I haven’t found the time to cut and upload excepts of the program to youtube yet. Will try to post that soon. In the meantime, here is one picture and a link to the other pictures.

From TV Appearance


David said...


A 16 year old girl commiting suicide because her ex-bf made an accusation on Facebook is tragic.

There has to be a great deal unknown about this poor young girls life, her family support, and how she was actually fit into her family.

This young unfortunate made bad decisions, her choice of bf, whatever level of relations she had, and it is possible that the ex bf is telling a lie. As the young women cannot defend herself.

Events like this should serve a warning to young people to avoid casual sex at such a young age.


Faith doesn't make anything happen - faith rests on something
that has happened!

-- Malcolm Smith

Anonymous said...

If one is to taint Yu-Kym as "a loose woman", one can describe me "a loose man" as well. For anyone with a high sex drive, loves sex and who has had multiple sex partners or intimate relationships, he or she cannot escape from being described as "loose" by a prude or a conservative etc.

We have to brush these chidings aside and rely on our confidence level knowing that we have at least chosen our sex partners as carefully or as selectively as possible and we have a quality of sex life that we should be proud of.

Caveat: Our reckless youngest days dont count. Not only are we "loose" to the word but our brains's "screw-loose" too. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, suicides are cowardly, for the immature and the weak. But sometimes suicide can be the ultimate act of intelligence, courage, sacrifice and concern for the people who care for the person.

If I ever find myself in hopelessly dire situation in life, eg a possibly long-drawn terminal illness, a huge Everest of unrepayable debt etc, I would consider going to a big country like the USA, perhaps in the state of Michigan lol, buy a gun there from an anonymous source, get rid of my passport and all forms of identification, and shoot myself in Hawaii! If debt is not my problem, I would live it up first. lol

I have to check if Michigan is a "loose" state without strict gun laws. lol

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, I think a "suicide is stupid" campaign might do the trick. Suicide seems to be somewhat glamorous - go out with a bang so that everyone notices, sympathises and remembers.

silli cat, you'd be a playboy. A loose man must be one who has had too much anal sex done on him! How can suicide be "the ultimate act of intelligence, courage, sacrifice and concern for the people who care for the person"? You mean when the person brings more harm than benefit to his loved ones?

Anonymous said...

It is because you are saving your love ones from emotional turmoil, from agonising over what to do with your failing health, hoping against hope, hoping for a miracle that is itself a mirage, saving them from financial ruin through keeping you alive and letting them return to living life soonest possible without you being a continual burden on everyone and everything.

Haha loose man means loose anus. That's funny. But Yukks! Loose woman means same thing too no? lol Disgusting.

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

You could purchase a gun from an anonymous source, at a price much higher than the legal market charges.

Of course you can likely purchase a weapon in Singapore if you know the right people.

The bigger question why would you consider life expendable?
The value of life is now tremendously undervalued.

Look at the immense effort to save survivors of the tsunami and earthquauke in Japan.

Then look at forced infantacide in China, aka - forced abortions.

The diminution of the value of life around the globe is troubling.


God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.
Francis Bacon

Anonymous said...


When I think of ending my life for the reasons I have in mind, price is not a concern. Anonymity is. Shooting myself in Michigan would mean I am a nobody who died a John Doe. I wouldnt even make the news. That suits me fine. I just disappear from the face of the earth. My family would likely suffer for a period of time what had happened to me but in time all grief will gradually fade away. Life continues.

Purchasing a gun in Singapore (even if I do know the right ppl) would also mean I have the difficulty of getting it out of the country and into the States! lol So this option is out.

I consider my life expendable only for the reasons I have mentioned to Yu-Kym that suicides sometimes can be the most intelligent and compassionate thing to do.

Life is certainly precious! But life is not precious to the extent whereby living it causes more harm to your quality of life and to others too. Sometimes you have to give up your life for the sake of others.

So Michigan here I may someday come! keke

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

We part ways in this dicsussion. Suicide is irrational and selfish!

The quality of life is intrisic to life. Life itself is a great gift created during one of lifes great and most intimate moments.

Now if you truly desire anonymity in the event you carry out this insane act, I suggest Alaska. Alaska has vast tracts of wilderness, and no doubt your remains will provide a snack for a local bear. In Michigan. a Singaporean comitting suicide would be all over the news for days. Investigative reporters would contact your family and a few would travel to SG to interview family and friends to find what would drive you to end your life so far from home!

Again life is precious, a gift and should be regarded as such ALWAYS!


David said...


One important point I have left out.

Living each day requires courage.

To love another is to risk all.

Suicide is described by those who did not at least on first attempt succeed, as the easy way out.

The pressures, demands, and complexity of life appears to to great for some individuals, and when all in thier mind appears to spin out of control, happiness is long in their past and depression and sadness fills their days then thoughts of escape enter.

Taking an overdose of pills is the choice for many, one simply falls into a sleep from which they will not wake.

Others choose hanging, or gunshot often to draw attetnion when they are gone.

To face down problems and the people involved takes courage.

Awakening day after day when life is trying to beat one down takes courage, fortitude and perseverance.

A truly loving person, a person who has experienced the joy and depth of peace that comes from sharing life togehter know they are never alone, and never without support.


Do not be too quick to condemn the man who no longer believes in
God: for it is perhaps your own coldness and avarice and
mediocrity and materialism and selfishness that have chilled his

Thomas Merton

Anonymous said...

Ok David, let's say I understand what you say about life's sacredness regardless of my reasons for ending mine.

So tell me, how would the Michigan authorities, investigators and press know I am a singaporean when I have no identification on me? My gun is untraceable and I bought it far away from Michigan. Good money will buy me what I require right? I enter the US through another airport perhaps NYC JFK and I have deliberately destroyed all identification on me. Even if they have my fingerprints, how would the immigration authorities trace me if I have no criminal or other records? For all you know you Americans would conclude that this is an insane ching chong who killed himself. Dont waste resources lah.

If I dont get good answers from you about my interest in Michigan, I will have to take up your suggestion on Alaska and hope that the polar bear destroy even my fingerprints in its digestive tracts. Hope the bear thinks me delicious. lol

By the way everything else is not as sure and fast as a gunshot right through the mouth up to the brain out the skull. lol

silli cat