She gave birth without knowing she's pregnant

A 12-year-old girl gave birth during her school field trip. She didn't even know she was pregnant!

The police suspect that the baby's father is the girl's father. It seems that he had been jailed before for molesting an older daughter.

"Through the miracle of the Dutch legal system, which sounds as shitty as ours, he was still given custody of the girl and her brother when he and his wife divorced," says article writer Pete Kotz.

I agree with the writer. It's truly shitty. The poor girl...

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Yomi Uba said...

well that's very rotten.
Poor girl..Why are adults so idiotic?

David said...


The Netherlands is one of the most socially liberal nations in the world. The use of narcotics is legal, most large cities have legal brothels with ladies in storfront windows displaying a sample of what is available inside.

This liberal attitude continues into the societal side, and as such the father who is the perp in this case is given custody of the same daugher he impregnated.

Now are not the advantages of a society free of most social, and legal for that matter, constraints a wonderful place to live?


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