Monday blah....

Contributed by David.

Pondering this fluff thought after walking outside during my lunch break. A fresh cover of snow coats parked cars and covers the greening grass. People in Singapore have summer every day. Not here at 42.85N. Summer starts officially on June 21, and there is no guarantee here that this region will have summer weather. 0C, that is where the thermometer has been parked for hours. No sun, just the grayish light photographers could love. No shadows to mess up a photo shoot today.

Libya is still a mess and so much is being wasted all from an aging despot being in power...did I mention he is not a very nice fellow?

The Japanese are still keeping Tokyo brightest lights dimmed at night. Fukashima's nukes are still a problem that will linger for many months. Tornado's killed at least 24 people in the southern states of my nation.

Maybe take a look at view latest tech news or, to see if Kai has another fun review.

Is that a collective yawn I am hearing over Apple's news to finally introduce the White iPhone? Yes, I thought so. From:,2817,2383690,00.asp

Acer's Iconia smart-phone looks intersting, more from;,2817,2383703,00.asp

At least my day started with a hug and smile from my lovely wife!


Anonymous said...

David, I'm sorry to say...boring lah. lol I'm sure you can do better. hehe

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

I agree. Boring post, fire the author.

Was not feeling well had no creative energy, really I had little energy at all.

I warned everyone that at times my life is as exciting as waiting for the traffic light to change.

New post is up today.


Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

Hey David, that is a good post.

You lament about Japanese lying about their atomic disaster. Don’t you know that all the American soldiers on their military bases on Japanese soil are being poisoned?

Gee, that is the "Japanese Revenge" against the American atomic bombs. They are now killing Americans slowing with atomic poisoning!

Anonymous said...

Fire the author? No can do. no no no no no!

silli cat