Masturbation is better than drugs

I was sitting in the library. The table was vibrating – the way it would vibrate when there are piling activities beside the building. I looked around for the piling activities only to realise that the guy at the other end of the table was knocking his leg against the table. Perhaps he has restless legs syndrome.

I wrote about several other sleeping disorders in my post, Sleeping Disorders.

Among them is restless legs syndrome (RLS). Drugs have been developed to treat and provide relief to sufferers. Now, the latest research shows that masturbation eases RLS. Researchers think that the release of dopamine, released during orgasms, might be the reason. I suppose sex would do just fine too but if a partner isn’t available or if a quick fix is needed, masturbation might be the only way of getting a good night’s rest. I think masturbation is natural, safe and free of charge unlike taking drugs. Some people might say masturbation is not good for whatever reason (discussed in my posts Over-masturbation, Benefits of Masturbation). I wonder how a mother might suggest to her son with RLS to use this form of treatment. Or perhaps when a teenage boy gets caught by his mother while masturbating, he might tell her that he needs to masturbate because he has RLS!

I used to think that guys who are constantly shaking their legs must masturbate very often. But now I know it's because they don't masturbate enough or get enough sex!


David said...


RLS is the uncontroled shaking of legs. Have you considered that males leg shaking against the table was simply a nervous type person.

I know my leg or foot shakes when tension builds, yet I do not have RLS.

Me thinks Yu-Kym likes to contemplate and write about masturbation.


It's not your outlook but your "uplook" that counts.

-- John Mason

Anonymous said...

I suppose my legs shake too when I am particularly anxious over something.

Sex calms a person. Masturbation too. I suppose there is a linkage somewhere to reducing the shaking legs syndrome. But if one is a nervous wreck, no amount of sex or masturbation will remove that disorder. Sex can only do so much to help. lol

silli cat

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Masturbation is not a sin unless done excessively.

Drugs cause permanent brain damage therefore there should be no pardon for any drug mules or peddlers (no matter on what ground).

Haha i din know about the shaking of legs, now i do know why.. ;)

Anonymous said...

If one wants to prevent the onset of Parkinson's disease, have regular sex or if you dont have a partner, masturbate regularly. Another benefit of regular sexual activity is the prevention of prostrate cancer. One is fact, other fiction. Which is which? lol

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, too many things connect back to sex, so I can't help but consider whether there are connections!

silli cat, a nervous wreck would be too nervous to enjoy sex!

Pink Miu Miu, why would masturbation become a sin when it is done excessively?

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats does a nervous wreck enjoy sex? But a nervous wreck can have sex right? just that he wont be able to enjoy it? lol

Can any nervous wreck out there share any info?

silli cat

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Sorry i meant it will become a problem if done excessively ;)

David said...


Now you have to define excessive!

Waiting for the answer...


Darren said...

Kym , u must be taking "drugs" quite regularly...aye? no?