Low intensity = no use

I was in and out of the gym in 20 minutes and a guy at the gym commented, “But that’s not effective!” I did weights for less than 10 minutes and spent 10 minutes doing Pilates and stretches that day. I explained to him that if I worked too hard, I would have to sleep 10 hours and I just don’t get the luxury of sleeping that much.

After about 2 weeks of this sort of low intensity workout, my eating needs changed. In the past, I used to get very hungry every 3 hours. As in really, really hungry. But after reducing my workout intensity, I’m back to needing 2 or 3 meals a day (it’s not because of low/hi GI food). Although 3 meals a day is “normal” by normal standards, my reduced need to eat proves that my metabolic rate has gone down. Despite eating less, I feel my skirts getting tight. Could it be that the development of muscles in my lower back and abs have expanded my waistline? I doubt it.

So this week, I increased my workout intensity. And I’m hungry every 3 hours again. This, to me, is proof that workout intensity is very important for weight management.

But how to get 10 hours of sleep?
Here’s my normal schedule.
Wake up: 6.40am
Work: 8am-5pm
Reach my neighbourhood: 6pm if there are no commuting delays.
Go to the supermarket, bathe, cook dinner and next day’s meals, eat, laundry, pack my bag for the next day, write: 6pm-9pm
Wind down and fall asleep 9.30pm.

According to this schedule, I only get 9 hours of sleep - the temperature in my room is comfortable, I don’t feel the urge to get up to go to the toilet and I don’t get disturbed by any noise. (Unfortunately, I only get these conditions half the time.)

To get 10 hours of sleep, I need to fall asleep by 8.30pm – which means I need to turn off the lights and go to bed at 8pm. My memory is already affected. I forget a thing or two almost daily - which is very unusual for me. According to this year’s fengshui, I need to take care of my health.

I’m still trying to find the right balance between my workout intensity and sleep. Of course, sleep is more important than working out but even without working out, I’m not getting enough sleep. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

8 - 5 job on the dot knock off???? WOAH!!!!

Mine was 9 to 9 or 10 ...If i am lucky i get to go hm at 6...Too tired for any workouts on wkdaes..can only gym once on wkend....

Yu-Kym said...

Oh, I forgot to add... provided I leave office on time. But I get what you mean. If I don't work out during lunch, I won't have the time to do it after work either.

Anonymous said...

low intensity bonking = no use, no cum

Anonymous said...

I think the quality of sleep is more important instead of the numbers of hrs one take.

I feel that i could sometimes get very good quality sleep for 7 hrs, while at times i sleep for 9 hrs plus feeling more tired after that..

Anonymous said...


Looks like you are the type of person that requires plenty hours of sleep or else you cant function properly or efficiently. Some like myself can live everyday with only 5 or 6hrs of sleep. Sometimes even lesser without problems.

So I guess my advice to you must be tailored to your bodily requirements and needs.

1st may I suggest you forget about writing your book which takes a lot of your time since you now have full employment. A good idea you have to let David take over your blog as a guest writer for the time being. This will spare you some time to your own needs.

2nd cooking at home, doing your laundry etc takes a lot of your time. I would suggest sometimes perhaps at least 2 times during the work week, eat out. Sacrifice a little less nutrition for more time to run after work around your residence. I dont know if its safe where you live to run when its getting dark, but I would presume its not a problem here in Singapore. Running will exhaust yourself out enough for you to get a good sleep at night. Running will also relieve the stress you may feel from your new job and at the same time improve your fitness level so that you can withstand the day's chores with less than 9 or 8 hrs sleep.

Do your laundry once a week during the weekends. So have enough spare office clothes. Cook only 2 or 3 times a work week to give you more time to yourself during the weekdays. Cook your own food during the weekends. You dont have to be so rigid that you must avoid outside cooked food all the time.

If you follow the above, you will find more time to yourself to rest, take it easy during the weekdays and get enough sleep for the next workday. Try it.

silli cat

chiwee_tan said...

how is your pull up progress

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, definitely the quality of sleep matters. I do need to have undisturbed sleep. Also, if I feel stressed or upset before sleeping, I'm likely to get bad dreams. So relaxation of the mind before sleep also affects the quality of sleep.

silli cat, David isn't "taking over" my blog! As for cooking, it's honestly faster for me to cook than to stand and wait for my food (multiplied by 3 meals because I cook for 3 meals). I'm not rigid with my eating. I do whatever my body feels.

chiwee, I had wrist injury from typing/mouse usage so I had to stop training for that. I'm now about 95% recovered. Training up again!

Soft Release said...


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Yu-Kym said...

Needing to sleep is not a result of lack of youth and vigour. Young people sleep more than old people.

Anonymous said...


Oh I meant David's your guest blogger. So he should be able to take some load off your blogging efforts and allow you more time to yourself.

Haha Ok, although I am not too persuaded by your self cooking saving you more time but I suppose you are an intelligent girl, you know what can work and what cannot work for yourself and able to eventually sort out your work, sleep, leisure, ECA schedule in such a way that your immediate well being will not be seriously affected.

But if you cant, of coz fengshui will come in handy right? hehe

Good luck.

silli cat

Soft Release said...


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