If your neighbour appears naked at your front door

That's what a man did! Well, he got caught.

Although Cyberflashing is the in thing among flashers, some people prefer the good old way of flashing.

What would you do if your neighbour showed up naked at your door? It's perfectly acceptable for a woman to show up wearing a large coat with nothing underneath when a man answers the door but not when a man shows up naked in front of a woman (maybe very old women won't mind)! If a guy does that to me, I'll tell him that I want to take a picture. Then I'll use the picture as proof when I report the incident to the police. Not that I really care but I wonder what people would say about me if I did that. I'm sure some people would say that I enjoyed looking. But it takes courage to catch a flasher to protect other neighbours from the terrible sight!


Anonymous said...

Then invite him in and have a good bonk.