Firefox 4.0 vs IE9

I installed and used Firefox 4.0 and Internet Explorer 9 briefly. One button noticeably gone from both was the drop-down back/forward button list. Although I can click and hold the buttons to get the drop-down list to appear, holding down buttons actually puts stress on our nerves and the drop-down list takes about 2 seconds to load instead of instantly.

So I downloaded an add-on to restore the little black button to Firefox. [Get add-on here]

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do the same for Internet Explorer 9 but until that option is restored, Firefox is my browser of choice. I may be jumping to conclusions here and resistant to change but why should I try so hard to make IE work for me when Firefox gives what I need? Besides, with a super-cute cat theme available for Firefox, how can I resist?
[Get the cat theme here]


GG said...

Actually, for Firefox, you can just simply right-click the arrow buttons (either one) and the drop-down back/forward list will appear.

Yu-Kym said...

I don't have right-click button on my touch-screen so...

notop said...

Fire from a foxy lady.

David said...

Yu-Kym and All IE9 users, one can right click on the back button and a list of most recent visited sites will appear.

Very easy and quick to access.


Anonymous said...

You so STUPID!!!

David said...


Touch screens can be useful.

However a mouse however, opens more utility through use of shortcut menus.

Even wireless mouses can be found for $20-30 USD.

Anon, must you...


Yu-Kym said...

David, touch and hold on a touchscreen is equivalent to a right-mouse click but it takes 1 second more than a touch. Mice are unergonomic and gives me pain in my wrists so I prefer a touchscreen.

Anon, you are the stupid one. You've never used a touchscreen computer before.

David said...


Not having used large touch screens your lesson is useful.

Have you tried trackball or touchpads? I have helped many people with wrist problems find a trackball or touchpad that functions with the ease and speed of a mouse.

Consider:, and, and lastly -

A slow touch screen has to be an annoyance.