Earth Day 2011

Contributed by David.

Save the Earth. Here we go again, time to hug a tree, plant something and spend more on those strange looking CFL lights. Want to impress your green friends? Spend even more on an LED bulb! Yes it is spring - Digression alert--(going along with me here - I know it feels like summer all the the time in Singapore, but in my part of the world any day in April warmer than 10C feels like spring!) Spring, when a Young Man's Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Combustion. Ahh... the pastoral birds are chirping and the brooks are a-bubble with fresh carbon monoxide, signaling that it will soon be time once again to pay homage to Mother Nature, The Ultimate MILF! --End Dirgression. Yes friends (in case you had not already marked your calendar), 2011 Earth Week is officially slated to take place April 17-23. Let's step back an take a saner look at the enviroment. No apologies to the Gaist reading this today.

It all began with the only indisputable fact about our climate: that all of our energy comes to us from the sun by means of radiation. Somebody had the brilliant idea that if all other manifestations of energy were marginalized or suppressed and everything about the climate was due to radiation, then it would be much easier to manipulate our entire energy system to claim that it was controlled by the minor atmospheric gas that can absorb radiation, carbon dioxide, provided you can get rid of the major gas, water vapour, which is about 650 times the concentration of carbon dioxide. It is amazing how they have got away with it. The idea that water vapour is a mere "feedback" to carbon dioxide has been accepted without a murmur and all forms of energy flow except radiation are ignored. So most of us who wish to dispute the outrageous consequences of this deception spend our energies worrying about carbon dioxide and global temperature instead of the real issues that affect the climate.

Until not very long ago, politicians and bureaucrats were assumed, without a doubt, to be working for the people, ethically and professionally. The only bad people were the businessmen. NGOs still continue to be held in highest esteem without much social accountability resulting in some of them being irresponsible in their conduct. But, society is what they work for. Their intentions have got to be pure. So says traditional wisdom. But, that was what was believed for government at one point of time as well. Many governments and people on the inside stand to profit from extrem environmental measures..

Take a slow deep breath now and stay cool for a moment. Shut your ears off from the deafening cries and shouts of the global warming advocates, and sharpen your mind. Be open for good reasoning: these pages might make you think again, and wonder, if the mobiles of all these climate catastrophers are pure .... Working for clean air and an unpolluted atmosphere is a laudable aim, but forgetting to compare the magnitude of man-made pollutants to the natural sources, or having an absolute faith in measurement data of often dubious origin, is unscientific at least, and foolish certainly. The climate is "the changing state of the atmosphere", so do not expect a steady state situation. Do not forget either that the sun is the engine which drives everything, and that the output of that engine is in constant change!

Wind Turbine Folly

Turbines require enormous quantities of concrete, steel, copper, fiberglass and rare earth minerals – all of which involve substantial resource extraction, refining, smelting, manufacturing and shipping. Land and habitat impacts, rock removal and pulverizing, solid waste disposal, burning fossil fuels, air and water pollution, and carbon dioxide emissions occur on large scales during every step of the process.

Over 95% of global rare earth production occurs in China and Mongolia, using their technology, coal-fired electricity generation facilities and environmental rules. Extracting neodymium, praseodymium and other rare earths for wind turbine magnets and rotors involves pumping acid down boreholes, to dissolve and retrieve the minerals. Other acids, chemicals and high heat further process the materials. Millions of tons of toxic waste are generated annually and sent to enormous ponds, rimmed by earthen dams.
Leaks, seepage and noxious air emissions have killed trees, grasses, crops and cattle, polluted lakes and streams, and given thousands of people respiratory and intestinal problems, osteoporosis and cancer.

In 2009, China produced 150,000 tons of rare earth metals – and over 15,000,000 tons of waste. To double current global installed wind capacity, and produce rare earths for photovoltaic solar panels and hybrid and electric cars, China will have to increase those totals significantly – unless Molycorp, (United States) and other companies can rejuvenate rare earth production in the States and elsewhere such South America and Russia, using more modern methods.

Simply put, the wind might be free, when it blows. But the rest of the “renewable, green, eco-friendly” wind energy system is anything but.

Ask yourself this, how many people does anyone reading know who do want cleaner air, clean water, and a cleaner environment? I will not rule out there being a few nutcases who claim to like dirty air and water, compassion demands I ignore the nutjobs. Their filaments burned out a long time ago.

Now time to get in my shiny new 2011 Ford Escape and a drive a hundred or more km. at a nice 120-140 Km/hr. Zoom. zoom...