Day One - Thanks to Yu-Kym!

Thanks to Yu-Kym for this opportunity to share ideas and ramblings on her site. Ms. Loh is correct stating that we do not always agree on every topic. Yu-Kym's response to my comments and off-line exchanges have taught me that she is indeed a sceptic, capable of thoughtful analysis and is not insolent nor a snollygoster. Being 6412680 hours old in a few weeks has given me time to develop a unique POV.

Mostly American to be sure, but being married to an Asian women and into part of Asian culture has expanded my world view beyond what most American's are used to.
Yu-kym will not agree with all my opinions, nor will all reading here.

If I can provoke even one person to thinking about an idea or topic in a new and useful way, then I have accomplished a goal.
More soon. Again thank you Yu-Kym!


Anonymous said...

More importantly David, you have a well rounded and balanced view! But I wonder how you could best Yu-Kym's contributions when it comes to sex! lol Looking forward nevertheless to read your blogs.

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

Everyone likes sex!

That being said Yu-Kym is the established expert on that topic.

Being male and married, my preferences and attitude regarding sex are different.

As pointed out, I do not always agree with Yu-Kym and through comments and emails I know that she believes and can back up her views, as I can my POV.

IOW, we can agree to disagree.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds
you plant.

-- Robert Louis Stevenson