Chinese men are disgusting!

In Chinese weddings, it is tradition for the groom to be escorted by his male companions to do stupid things as instructed by the bridesmaid to 'win' the hand of his bride on the day of the wedding. But now, it seems that molesting the bridesmaid is becoming the tradition.

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I say: give them a bachelor's party. Maybe that will stop them from going after the bridesmaids. But either way, they're still disgusting.

(I'm not saying that Caucasian, Indian and Malay men aren't.)


Tooti said...

I think you meant chinese nationals right? Not exactly chinese guys? Cause that's very misleading.

Yu-Kym said...

Yes, for this post. But I'm not saying other men aren't!

Anonymous said...

For Caucasians, the tradition is to have a 4-some on wedding night with the bride being the only female.

All the openings are filled, that is called satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

Gee, the above is peanuts compare to this caucasian custom:-

Groom jailed for beating bride on wedding day

The Age article A bridegroom who repeatedly punched his wife and bit and choked her in the back of the bridal car on their wedding day has been sentenced to more than two years' jail.

So Yu-kim, do you want to marry a Caucasian? You may be beaten to death on wedding night!

JAPB said...

Chinese nationals are gross. Period.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, you are full of nonsense.

Anon, what makes you think Chinese and Indian men never did that? If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I've never said that any nationality or race is superior.

JAPB, Singaporean Chinese men are also gross. Many digs their noses and eat their nose shit.

Anonymous said...

Geewiz, "what makes you think Chinese and Indian men never did that?" - we never read on the newspapers that they did these. But we always read Caucasians do this kind of things, it is a traditional act.

So if you marry a Caucasian, you must be so liberal minded ( they take that for granted ), that you must be prepared to be raped by the gloom's friends on wedding night or be beaten to death. Remember Singaporean girl, holder of “500-men gangbang in one go” record Anabelle Chong, she is , on record, very proud to be a prostitute with her Caucasian husband as her manager. She didn’t know she was going to be a prostitute before marriage.

"Singaporean Chinese men are also gross. Many digs their noses and eat their nose shit." - you can actually find the photo and news story ( simply Google it lah ) of another Caucasian man, so well known that it is no less than the former Primer Minister of Australia Mr Kevin Rudd, taken in parliament, digging his ear ( not his nose ) and eating the shit! So please don't blame Chinese ah!

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo...What is the fuss about? Yu-Kym already qualifies herself that it takes all kinds of nationalities and races to make this world. All have their good and bad traits.

But what is certain is that at least i can find one good Caucasian in this forum...David! I dont think he digs his nose in public and flick out the snot. lol

But I, an Asian do dig and flick. But in private out of anyone's sight. Sometimes I cant tahan and also pee in the swimming pool. I have more to tell but I dont think you wana know. lol Shame shame shame on me!

silli cat