Because sex sells


There are pictures from the Jack Wills fashion catalogue. Jack Wills is an expensive casual fashion brand targeted at young and wealthy university students over 18.

A writer, Liz Fraser, wrote that the message which the Jack Wills fashion catalogue conveys is "If you wear Jack Wills clothing, you will have sex. And not only that, but by having this sex you will be loved and popular and cool."

I don't think people will believe that they will have sex simply by putting on some clothes. (Actually, they'll usually remove their clothes to have sex - not that it's absolutely necessary.) But I think her statement about being loved, popular and cool because you have sex is rather true. That's the impression I get when I look at the advertisements.

But that message is consistent with messages sent by the usual advertisements we see nowadays. Sex sells: always has and probably always will.

It said the marketing was supposed to be an accurate reflection of student life. I believe that's true. If you are young and wealthy, what else would you do other than have sex?

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David said...


Sex Sells, is one of the oldest marketing tools ever.

The question with catalogs such as Wills, is whether the creators have taken the use of sex to far!

Abercrombie here in the States was recently criticized for advertising a triangle top bikini aimed at 7 to 9 year old girls. The top was padded to make flat female child to appear to have breast!

Abercrombie removed the provocative description was removed and the padded top is now described as a triangle bikini top. However the product is still aimed at little girls!

Abercrombie has used semi-naked people in catalogs and been forced not to give those catalogs to anyone except adults.

I could really go a rant about the sexualization of children, the commercialization and commoditizing of sexual behavior.

However I have previously expressed my beliefs on the nobility and sacred nature of the connubial relationship. These comments are found in other posts at your site.


The greatest act of faith is when man decides he is not God.
--Oliver Wendell Holmes

Anonymous said...

That is a UK company selling in UK which is a bankrupt. Uni students are young and rich? That must be a joke. Demonstration everyday complaining gov't subsidies are cut etc.

You should go there and see how poor they are. Watch the TV and see what they are wearing - all wearing the same old jeans and lousy tops etc, very similar to China in 1960s and China has moved far ahead since then. Now she is rich as reflected in what her people wear.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Agreed with David "Sex sellls" no matter in what era.

I dun think clothings should reflect how one thinks about sex. It's just your own preference and personal style so we should not be biased in that.

Yu-Kym said...

David, children wearing padding bikini tops would look really strange! I haven't seen it myself but the whole idea is just weird!

Pink Miu Miu, I think many guys can't help but think about sex when they see your photos :D

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Haha men can visualize wif any pic :P