Any difference between FwB and Fuddy?

Friends with Benefits = FB
F*** Buddy = FB
Facebook = FB
F*** Book = FB

Friends with Benefits (FwB) tends to be used interchangeably with F*** Buddy (Fuddy).
But they don't mean the same thing to me.

A FwB is a friend first, and then if the feeling is mutual along comes the benefits.

A Fuddy is a person you are in contact with for the sole purpose of having sex. Although some fuddies may do things that friends might do, those activities are meant to be foreplay. If you take away the sex, they wouldn't bother to maintain contact.

So which is better? It depends on what you're looking for.

Are such relationships really the best of both worlds? To find out, read my article in Men's Health Magazine (Singapore May 2011 edition, p. 86, 88)!

(Still no ideas as to what topics you would like me to write for the magazine? It must be related to sex because that's my area of "expertise".)


Darren said...

Heya Kym :)

Would u consider urself a Fwb or a fuddy?

I guess not coz i think ur the type who wants committed loving relationships. and sex + foreplay + everything in the middle is secondary to you. Am i right? Correct me if im wrong.