Android or Windows 7 Mobile?

Contributed by David.

The time is here to retire our Razor phones. A few years ago that little flip phone was very popular. No longer. iPhones, Android, RIM, (Blackberry) and Windows 7 Mobile have taken the thunder from dumb-phones like Razor's. I have put time in at my cell phones provider playing with the Droid X, and Droid 2. The Droid X has a great screen, and fits well in my hands (I have long fingers). The Droid 2 has a keyboard and a slightly smaller display.

My cell provider was to have introduced it's first Win 7 Mobile phone in April, and recently delayed it until May. I use MS Outlook at work and home. So synching a Win 7 phone would be easier than an Android phone that requires a synch app such as VCOrganizer Pro whcih allows for secure storage of your Outlook data on Android Phone, Sync Outlook Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Events. Also consider Missing Sync for Android. Update contacts, calendars4 and notes in sync between your phone and computer over a Wi-Fi network or via Blutooth. Transfer playlists of music, photos, files and videos via Wi-Fi. VCOrganizer- Adroid users will find , a useful. Droidforums has everything an Adroid user could want in apps or for app developers. Microsoft is a great company to work for, condsider that Microsoft offer employees who develop Win 7 Mobile apps a 70/30 profit split, the employee earns the 70%. Read more: .

The Galaxy S, aka Fascinate in the States, is another Android being considered. Sleeker than the Droid X, with better colours from a super AMOLED display. About apps. I have spent considerable time, way to much time actually, researching apps. Some like Sync or similar apps are useful, there a tremendous number of useless apps. Most games a really a waste of time. The gaming experience on any smart-phone is no where near the gaming experience one has with an Xbox 360, Wii or gaming equiped PC. Many apps are near clones of other apps. How many eating and dining guides does one need? GPS apps? Does one need 3, 4 or 5 GPS apps.

Likely some overcharged males have the bikini girl of the day app on their smart-phones to keep them entertained while commuting or talking with the gf. (guys never let the gf know you are looking at another women on your phone! Talk about music apps, so many to choose from. I am keeping my Creative Zen for musics and audio books. (hint to Yu-Kym, you need an audio book for those who fantasize about you..)

Smart-phone battery life varies from okay at best to truly dismal. If one reads the instuction manuals for Smart-phones, nearly all recommend spending the night on the charger. Be honest here, how many of you replaced your stock battery with a higher capacity battery, for those Smart-phones where a high capacity battery is available, Droid X, and Droid 2 have this option. Have any opinions or experiences with these or similar Smart-Phones? I am interested in hearing your encounters with the Smart-phones described here.


andrewcha said...
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andrewcha said...
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andrewcha said...

i just switch o android 2.2 from my reliable java phone. it was love at first sight when i switch to this Samsung galaxy ace. most apps are pretty nothing to do with our daily use like you mentioned but there are some which i always stick to it for web browsing experience.

overall it was a pretty useful phone depends on how and what we put inside. no games for my phone,only useful apps for me. after all,is free,some of the dev are pretty good too.

battery wise was average. 1.35mh was not enough for me. i charge everyday but if there's additional bigger capacity i'll definitely will get it.

Soh Hong Wei said...

I changed from an Apple iphone to and Andriod phone, bought an Samsung Galaxy Ace.

I do admit iphone was a great phone, but not so much customization, unless you jail break it.
Anyway i'm loving Android already.. =)

Yup, nowadays smart phones got short battery life.. Sometimes, i charge 2 times, a day.