Americans LUV Singapore.

Contributed by David.

Americans love Singapore. Surprised? It is summer in SG all year round! Because Singapore lies along the equator, Caucasians come here mostly for the sunny beaches and the enjoyable atmosphere. Trust me on this one. A great many Americans live in the so called frost belt. Winter's are long, cold and snowy.

One only look at SG weather history to find out that it never snows in SG! For many Americans that's enough reason to visit Singapore. For 20,000 Americans Singapore is home. Most work for multi-national or international companies and they are there to work. They also enjoy the environment. Local politics don't bother Americans as we have more than enough at home to keep us occupied. Singapore's political spats to most Americans appear quaint by comparison.

So why do Americans like SG so much?

World class food scene!

Great weather!

Shopping and more shopping!

Travel channels, food channels and travel bloggers are frequentlyfeaturing Singapore travel news and adventures! News and business outlets mention SG daily in economic news. The economic impact of Singapore cannot be denied. In the morning one can view Christine Tan, Haslinda Amin or Saijal Patel deliver the business news from Singapore and Asia.

For the business traveler and holiday traveler SG offers a great deal!
SG is a major air hub with connections to all of Asia's airports. SG's port facilities handle more containers than nearly any other port!

I would definitely try the HSBC TreeTop Walk! I had the opportunity to try my first Zipline ride a few years ago, and am now a fan of flying through the treetops.

World class food, exciting entertainment venues, great weather all year! For many Americans Singapore is an Asian wonderland and SGs popularity in America grows each year!

Did anyone mention great weather...?
I did already?

When winters are long and cold there is no substitute for a warm place to visit.
Add to the fact that recently SG was named one of the friendliest places in the world to visit!

Now you know why many Americans really, really like Singapore!


Anonymous said...

I dont love Americans but I dont hate them either. But I can say I like them the best amongst all other nationalities. Because for whatever reasons good or less than good, the USA sacrificed so many of her sons and daughters to provide (inadvertently or not) the conducive conditions to have what I have now in Singapore.

Some ungrateful dogs hate the USA and ridicule their own country Sillipore. I say they have now a full stomach and therefore can afford to have a big mouth after benefitting from the past 60 yrs of relative peace and properity enabled mainly by the benign policies of the sole superpower of the world after WWII - the USA.

If there such a thing as rebirth, I wish these ingrates could be brought back into the past and relive their lives from scratch - this time with another superpower in charge - Japan, Germany, Soviet Union, Britain etc. Then we shall see if they still have a full stomach and a big mouth!

David, I salute you Americans!

silli cat

PS But David, I am not so sure Americans love Singapore for the reasons you say. lol But what do I know? I am not an American!

Anonymous said...

Singapore has great weather?!?! You have got to be kidding, right?

If there is one thing I cannot stand in Singapore, it is the stinking heat and humidity combination.

Anonymous said...

And most important of all, Singaporean girls are easy !!!

Anonymous said...

"So why do Americans like SG so much?"

It is world class shag and it is all free. There are so many SPGs who worship caucasians like god! Or is it dog?

Sillyporeans are so stupid they don't know Americans USA are broke and they come over here to steal our jobs.

Like that American who fell to his death at Fullerton looking for an SPG to shag. He actually worked for Bank of China!

Anonymous said...

Con-Mic's stomach may be full, but his brain empty. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Watching Mental Mentor’s Tanjong Pagar speech, he proclaims SGers must welcome Chinese Nationals with open arms and legs because they are better educated and can save SG from Malays who are multiplying like rabbits with a birth rate close to 2, whereas local SGers are only multiplying at the rate of 1.2, otherwise the Malays will multiply so much they will simply overwhelm Singapore and then demand a re-union with Malaysia, that is the end of Singapore as a nation!
Then we much also welcome Americans because they can demolish all SG’s silli pussies.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This Con-Mic knows who he is. A ConMan and a Conmedian! That's great news he knows his place in this world. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Silli cat, your silliness stinks to high heaven.

“USA sacrificed so many of her sons and daughters to provide (inadvertently or not) the conducive conditions” – it has nothing to do with Americans because they ran away from every war, first Korean, then Vietnam, now they are withdrawing from Iraq.

Americans must be the most stupid people on earth. Why sacrificed so many of her sons and daughters and ruin their own economy fight wars when few years later, they treat their enemies as their best friend? Look at the Japan, Vietnam etc, they are now American buddies, then why fight wars in the first place?

“past 60 yrs of relative peace and prosperity enabled mainly by the benign policies of the sole superpower of the world after WWII - the USA.”

Peace in the past 60 years because more countries have WMD now, i.e. the atom bomb! USA won’t dare to rattle their sabre in front of others when they realised that the retaliation can be very severe! US can only bully small countries these days. Few months back, USA with her 2 carriers wanted to hold a major naval exercise after the sinking of a South Korean warship, 300 miles off the China coast, and everything went quiet when they are reminded that cities like LA can be destroyed with few minutes without warning at all! A missile was launched just 30 miles off the coast of LA, it could hit LA within minutes, luckily it was flying towards the pacific. The US defence systems never detected the whereabouts of the missile launch vehicle!

Anonymous said...

U forgot to mention the SPGs...that is why Americans (especially men)luv Singapore. Even an old and ugly americans can get a SYT SPGs...hehe

Anonymous said...

To all those ingrates who ridicule Americans, you can do so cause your stomachs full, with peace and prosperity brought on by the sacrifice of others....but your brains empty that's why you are all ingrates.

Well, someday you will be thought a painful lesson, Allah is Great, back in the dumps where you truly belong and we shall see whether your stomachs' still full or empty and your mouths still ungrateful or tongues hanging out.


silli cat

David said...

Singapore does have great weather for many Americans.

Experience winter days of 0C, -5C, or -12C alond with strong winds and snow.

Years of living with short summers and long winters makes Singapore hot and humid weather very appealing, for some.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is very difficult for SGers to imagine how it is like to live or work or travel in a -20C environment. If they have watched the movie “Dr Zhivago” then they may get the idea.

At -10C or -20C plus a wind chill factor, you will feel like -30C. Unless you are very well wrapped up, you don’t really feel the “cold” any more, but it is replaced by pain, it is as though thousands of needles are pricking your skin. That is how one feels as the cold penetrates your overcoat! And if you stay out too long, one will become just like a piece of meat in a freezer!

In SG, we often find houses are build with the front door under the slopping part of the roof. But in cold climates where it snows, it is the other way round, it is the gable that is on top of the door and one will always find a small window there too. That is because if the roof slops down on top of the door, snow will simply slide down and block the door. Worse still, a snow storm can simply pile snow against the door, then you have to climb down through that small window on top of the door and start shaveling snow!

And double-grazed window? Never seen or heard such thing in SG. They won’t know what it is?!

Anonymous said...

When one doesnt understand that something that happens in another country can affect your own country like the spread of cancer, when a benign superpower like the US commits herself to a conflict that spares us from turmoil and terror in our country and allows us to prosper and grow in relative peace and harmony, that good government does not happen by chance and once a island state like Singapore once fallen would be difficult or well nigh impossible to get on its feet again, etc etc ....then all the education and upbringing bestowed on him or her has been wasted down the drain. Shame to their parents and harm to us all. But idiots like these do exists as in Con Mic and his friends...that's part of the deal to live in this world. Fortunately these idiots are in the minority.

Coz Allah is Great that is why the US, the only Superpower in the world rules the roost to this day. And not these idiots. If the likes of the ingrates and their kind gets into power or govern your country, imagine what these morons would do to the world and to your country!

Silli cat

Anonymous said...

“US commits herself to a conflict that spares us from turmoil and terror in our country and allows us to prosper and grow in relative peace and harmony”

Silli cat, can you list anything that the USA has done to spare Singapore from turmoil and terror before we can believe a single word of your silliness!

Anonymous said...

Just a few simple examples amongst many.

Do you believe that if Iraq and Afghanistan had gone the way of the extremist religious fanatics years ago, the same fate of Osama bin Laden and Taliban terror and upheaval would not have spread and befallen us here in Singapore and elsewhere sooner or later?

Another example. If the US had not sacrifice lives during WWII and detonate the atomic bombs to end the war abruptly, do you think your parents will remain alive during the Japanese occupation and later to give birth to fortunate you? I know my parents would have been murdered by the Japs and I wouldnt be here today to show up your ignorance. lol

Do you think the Americans involvement in the costly Vietnam war had held back the spread of communism in the 60s? And this had given time for Singapore and the region to grow in strength to combat the spread of communism when it eventually came during the Emergency years after the fall of Vietnam to the Communists?

If you think these are silli stuff, I really think your ignorance and naviety is beyond your capacity to comprehend and beyond my ability to make you understand. lol

Good intention or not, with or without her own self interests or ulterior motives, what the US did in this world to sacrifice her sons sadly goes unappreciated by the likes of you who see this world too simplisticly and naively.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Iraq and Afghanistan are so far away that they didn’t prevent terrorist bombing in Indonesia, UK etc. It has happened more than twice already. This just proves that USA has not succeeded in preventing terrorist bombing in Indonesia or UK. It is the local government that prevented it.
“your parents will remain alive during the Japanese occupation and later to give birth to fortunate you” – sure they will survive. You simply have to work for the Jap military lah! Just follow the examples set by some well know SGers lah! lol

North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and Americans ran away and that made no difference to the other countries at all contrary to the American’s ridiculous Domino Theory that all SE Asian countries will fall to communism! Now US and Vietnam are good buddies. Perhaps USA needs communism more than anything else as they are so poor now. The USD$ is dropping like a rock. If you have been to USA, you will find a lot of houses are made of timber or fibroid to make it cheap lah.

So silli silli!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. I am glad that you agree that what u said is so silli silli. You intended it as a joke didnt you? Good for you. lol You will surely shine as an excellent comedian. Frankly even if it wasnt meant to be a joke, its so silli silli that any intelligent person would find great difficulty to give you a considered reply. I salute your comic talent. And hey, you surely know that I am being very sincere in giving you this compliment right? lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Whilst I like America the best amongst all other countries, I am not so naive as to believe that America will come to the aid of Singapore if we get into trouble especially in a regional military conflict. Even with her own nationalities, her economic investments and assets in Singapore and our naval facilities for her warships to stop over here, these may still be insufficient for her to readily commit her forces in the defense of Singapore.

So it makes good sense that Singapore develop her own military capabilities to fend for herself.

America is still a good friend of Singapore but this does not guarantee anything. Nevertheless the relationship must still be valued and further nurtured. That is in the scheme of international politics.

For those ignorant of America's relatively benign and benevolent role in the region and elsewhere, they enjoy the peace and properity she brings, they remain full in their stomachs, but consistently empty in their heads. It cant be help. Some are parasites. Some are just made this way in their head. No amount of education will ever change them. lol

silli cat

David said...


If the unfortunate day comes that SG needs aid or assistance.

The United States would be there for Singapore's people.

American military personnel are assisting Japanese with recovery of bodies in the tsunami affected areas.

What you, nor I, nor most people will ever know is how many al Qaeda attacks have been thwarted by CIA, NSA, in cooperation with other intelligence agencies. Numerous events have been hinted here in the States, and very likely many plans for al Qaeda attacks around the world that have been prevented will likely never be revealed.

There are no guarantees when dealing with terrorist, only in knowing that certain attacks have been stopped.


Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

I agree the enormous good that America has done to thwart terrorists evil intentions all over the world. But let's not be naive.... it's to safeguard her homeland as well. But that is not my quarrel. In fact I am thankful nevertheless for America's actions.

Economic Aid, humanitarian assistance etc etc...yes of course as long as its not contributing body bags to be flown home.

Therefore I dont agree that if Singapore ever come into military conflict with Malaysia or Indonesia, the US will readily step in to help. You cannot guarantee that David. That's why Singapore has to rely on her own citizens. Excluding the coward Con-Mic of course in his rat hole somewhere. lol

America will count its potential body bags and if its potentially sickening, she will decide that she cant be everywhere everytime.

Singaporeans (except the likes of Con-Mic) are not stupig. You are not too David.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

We have been conned to do NS! Wate 2 years of our life for nothing!

Take up your guns and start a revolt!

Anonymous said...

This message is addressed to Con-Mic.

My dear Con-Mic, you must be one of those who has been conned to do NS!

When I did NS, I washed toilets only during my recruit and trainee days. Once I graduated to commander level, I dont wash toilets anymore.

Con-Mic, yes its likely you were indeed conned to do NS for 2 yrs! Is it because you were washing toilets and latrines all through the 2 yrs? lol

No wonder you feel so aggrieved with this country you ridiculed as Sillipore and your fellow citizens you pour scorn as silliporeans and our leaders you insulted as Con-You, Leeches.

You were clearing other ppl's shit all through the 2 yrs of your NS. So poor thing. No wonder you are so envious and angry with the rest of us Silliporeans. lol

Silli cat

Anonymous said...

David, I read the news on CNN. I wonder why America has to reveal that Osama was unarmed when he was shot by the Seals?

Is this transparency and honesty really necessary when his "assasination" could fuel even more repercussions?

Cant a better story be cooked up even if he is truthfully and rightly so, executed?

And I also read that some in America are in favour of the US revealing the "gruesome" photo of the dead Osama (with a bullet hole in his face) to prove to the doubters that he is indeed dead?

Dont they know that these conspiracy doubters are enemies of the US just like Con-Mic? If you produce the photograph, Con-Mic will still accuse you of producing a fake hollywood photo. Con-Mic's antics never ends because he is a Con specialist! I must give him that credit to entertain. I have begun to enjoy his Con and comedy.

David, cant you Americans get real? It doesnt always pay to hold on to your high principles. Sometimes you have to scheme and lie, sometimes you have to waterboard to get critical info, sometimes you have to assasinate in cold blood.

Unless you Americans have forgiven for 911 and so many other tragedies. If not, then give them back as good as you get and more.

That is why the next country I admire is Israel. No nonsense. Singapore is like Israel. Hey Con-Mic, you listening? lol

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

I wish the United States would get more real!

Our current President often tries to have things both ways.

Obama promised the most transparent Presidnency in history.

Then he has gone and become one of the most secretive Presidents ever.

BHO and his advisors think the world is to immature to look at gory photos of the now deceased UBL.

Read more:

I have read any photos if released would be accused of being fakes, or the photos would enrage certian members of the religion of perpetual rage and so on adnauseum.

Most here have long memories regarding September 11!

I know I do!


know the power obedience has of making things easy which seem

-- Teresa of Avila

Anonymous said...


This is the way of politics when seeking the presidency.

But more importantly is that when you find yourself finally in the seat of power and deciding on issues that affect many, you must at times throw your ideals out of the window.

Reality and Pragmatism reigns. Certain untenable promises have to be reneged. That is the hallmark of a wise leader to forget about campaign rhetoric. Change according to the circumstances.

I was not rooting for Obama to be the President of the USA in view of his policies... but I have come to respect him because he is brave enough to change tact for the good of America and not his campaign image.

silli cat

Anonymous said...


Decades back and even now, many seemingly know-all in America including your leaders condemns Singapore's ISA or Internal Security Act which allows the detention of certain elements without trial.

After 911 and with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I chuckle when America herself detains dangerous elements in Guantanamo Bay without trial. Even Obama has to backtrack and still detains these elements and the facility remains in Cuba. And rightly so.

Singapore Leaders should rightly lead a bigger country than just this tiny island here in South East Asia. keke

But sadly a new generation of voters here in Singapore in the next 15to 20 yrs or so will vote in a new leadership that is not so bright.

I suspect that with the current election mood in Singapore, it may be the beginning of the end of us here in Singapore starting perhaps with a lesser majority for the reigning PAP party. But I may be at the final years of my life or I may not be here by the time it loses the majority. Yu-Kym I believe will be at the prime of her life then with a less than wise leadership. Good luck to her health care costs and other woes.

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

The election is history now, and what do you think about the results?

America has learned some very hard and expensive lessons as the consequence of events that started on September 11, 2001.

Ideals have come face to face with reality.

A foe that wants nothing less than the destruction of a nation, its people and a way of living is a powerful wakeup call.