Why people prefer to meet during lunch

I received an SMS from a friend yesterday. He asked me whether I was at the office and having a blue Monday. I replied that I was working but not having a blue Monday. I thought he wanted to meet for lunch - why else would he SMS me? So I asked him,

Me: Are you coming by for lunch?
He: That depends whether you want to meet me.
Me: Lunch isn’t a problem.
He: Where is your office?
Me: X location, X road
He: Anything nice to eat there?
Me: Many nice food here but I’ve not tried all.
He: When is your lunch time?
Me: 12noon.
He: Oh, I can’t get there so fast.
Me: I’m not saying you have to get here at noon.
He: Actually I’m feeling lazy.
Me: Oh, another day then (WTH! Wasted my time!)
He: I’ll meet you when you have more time. Like when you’re on leave or MC (medical leave).
Me: It’s ok then. I won’t be on leave and in SG or on MC.

Guys like these don’t even know what they want. After wasting my time answering so many of his questions in relation to having lunch, he was too lazy to meet.

There's a reason why people (like me) prefer to meet during lunch: we don't mind meeting with a particular person to keep in touch but 2 hours is the maximum that we want to spend with him/her before getting bored. Having to get back to work is a good reason to leave. (Being busy or having better things to do on weekends and after work are also valid reasons.)

What made my friend think I would want to spend my precious day off meeting him?
And if I’m on MC, shouldn’t I be resting at home?

I’m not sure whether such guys are presumptuous or stupid. Probably both.


David said...


From what little we can read it appears this fellow is a bit hapless.

Perhaps is a bit shy with a women as strong as you are, and with the near celebrity status that is yours.

If he cannot make a good suggestion where to have lunch, he might be wanting an opening just to be with you!

Did you lunch with this fellow?


Anonymous said...

Someone "close but not that close" from long ago sms me yesterday too.

Our sms exchange went like this:

she: darling, u free for lunch today?
me: what about dinner on thursday instead. pik u up at 5.30pm
she: ok lah


she: why you cant go for lunch?
me: not enuf time for lunch. my ofc in x location leh.
me: what about lunch saturday or sunday?
she: cant yo, i am going out with my girlfriends. I cant on weekends yo
me: ok I see if i can make it for lunch next time then. c how.
she: gr8

end of sms.

I was thinking....what...u want a free lunch from me during weekdays coz you are bored lunching everyday in in your x ofc location is it? That is why u sms me? You have time with your girlfriends for lunch during weekends and you dont have time for lunch with me is it? So I will appear to consider lunch weekdays with you but will invariably opt for dinner as the only time I am available. But when dinner becomes acceptable to you, I will think of an excuse to back out from dinner too. heh

We may have something going long way back but still its not nice to use me as a convenient free lunch partner.

Does the above story or actors sound familiar Yu-Kym? lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

You should have smsed like this:-
"I am hot and we can do it on the WC. Come quick and quash my fire"

He will be there in a flash!

Anonymous said...

I think it rather depends on what you mean by "friend". If by "friend", you mean someone you hardly know, or perhaps even just a potential ONS, then it is indeed not right for that person to expect too much of your time.

However, if it is a real friend, then I cannot imagine why you would not want to spend some quality time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think is wasting your time that you are mad about, it is just becoz he say lazy to come over, it dose that make you feel less of yourself or not appealing enough for him to make all those effort to come over, not worth his effort ???

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym not appealing enough? what rubbish!

One should also make a jiffy to her for her intellect let alone her beauty and personality.

silli cat

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

This type of friend is dispensable.. Delete his name + number, u dun nit this type of contact seriously.

David said...


This type of person is not even a friend, an aquiantance or former classe and perhaps just hanger on.

Yu-Kym is not the average SG women.

Strong, smart and attractive women can keep many men just wanting to be near just for that chance for even a luncheon date.


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