Today is Salday!

Saturday and Sunday are Salmon Days=Saldays!

Fresh salmon is melt-in-your-mouth be it sashimi, boiled or panfried.
Yesterday I boiled salmon. I also bought 4 pieces of salmon sushi.
Today I panfried salmon. (I bought another slab this morning.) I'm having spaghetti with cauliflower and salmon (there are tomatoes and mushroom in it).

Why I love salmon.
Taste: The great thing about salmon is that it tastes good on its own. I don't need to add any salt or seasoning.
Health and nutrition: Contains omega 3 fatty acids and protein
Beauty: It's also one of the "youth foods" - it keeps you looking young.


Hannah said...

Hi Yu Kym,

I love salmon !!

Some lemon and pepper and salt on pan fried salmon would do the trick too :)

Anonymous said...

I like salmon too. Do you think there's side effects of consuming too much salmon though? I'm thinking levels of mercury, etc. Any thoughts?

David said...


Salmon is great food.

We enjoy it grilled, and sauteed along with tomatoes and onions and other veggies.

Smoked salmon is another ymmy way to enjoy salmon!

Very tastsy!


Yu-Kym said...

Hannah, you sound like you cook often!

Anon, I think most of the salmon we get are farmed salmon so the mercury levels are not high enough to cause harm. But I would think we should salmon in moderation and we'll be fine. If we eat too much of salmon but not other types of meat, we might not be getting enough nutrition, e.g. iron from red meat.

David, I think grilling tends to make salmon dry and smoked salmon is too salty. I suppose we like our food done differently!