Tablet vs Pad

While the market is busy figuring which tablet will be the iPad killer, hackers have already succeeded infecting Andriod tablets. [Read more] I don't know whether Windows-based tablets will be any good but they certainly aren't cheap either.

I've not had the need for a tablet before I started working. But now I'm considering getting one so that I can utilise my commuting time for reading, researching and writing. But I'm not sure whether I'll buy one. My Asus EEE T101MT netbook is a convertible with touchscreen (i.e. it functions like a tablet but with a keyboard tucked below) but I find it too heavy (1.35kg) to carry around. My company laptop Lenovo X201 is also a convertible touchscreen tablet and comes with a Wacom digitizer pen but it's also too heavy to carry around. I currently use my China StarTV X10 handphone to access the Internet during my commutes.

I tried out the Samsung Galaxy tablet but I wasn't impressed enough to buy it. Firstly, I found the touchscreen a little unresponsive compared to my handphone's touchscreen. Although the size was good for a man to hold in one hand for, say, reading an e-book, it was also kind of big for my small hands and too heavy to be held with one hand for half an hour when standing on a train. It's about the right size to read an e-book but not an e-copy of a magazine. I found the iPad 1 to be more responsive than the Samsung Galaxy tablet. The Galaxy tablet is about the same price as an iPad so it's totally not worth buying.

Besides, everyone knows about the lack of availability of applications (apps) for Andriod tablets. And now with viruses on it, who would feel safe downloading apps freely?

Without apps, what's the use of having a tablet??

I'm not sure how many tablets will be available at the IT Show this week (held this Thursday to Sunday at Suntec City) but I'm pretty sure none can match the price and functionality of an iPad. And I say this even though I'm no Mac/Apple fanatic.

The most important part of getting a device like that to work out, is to ensure that the platform is stable, secure and usable. Coding the Andriod software is like designing Microsoft Windows operating system all over again, making reliable anti-virus and security software available, getting more software developers to create useful applications and to enable developers to get paid for their work. I think it will take a minimum of a year to get all these tweaked.

Tablet aren't even cheap compared to the iPad, so I don't see good reasons why anyone should buy an Andriod tablet instead of an iPad (other than being the FIRST to try an Andriod tablet, i.e. to be a guinea pig). [Read analysis on Apple’s price advantage on iPad: Apple's iPad price advantage. Or perhaps the iPads can be sold at that price because Apple has been cutting costs in their China factory, causing workers to suffer muscular atrophy and damage to their nervous system. "100 of the 137 had left the factory with compensation of 80,000 to 140,000 yuan ($12,166 to $21,291), according to Liu Jie, press officer for the industrial park where the plant is situated. All signed agreements with United Win Technology that exempt it from responsibility if their health worsens)".

Of course, if there's a China imitation selling at fraction of the iPad price that allows me to surf the net, write articles and emails, I'll consider getting it :P I like my China X10, which is a Sony Ericsson X10 lookalike, works fine and I like it especially because I can use my nail to make selections on the screen (as compared with iPhone that requires skin contact). The screen is not scratched even though I never bothered to use any protective cover.

In the meantime, iPad 2 has emerged as the Andriod tablet killer. [Although the functionality is not significantly better than iPad 1, the announcement of the iPad 2 has already caused competitors' stocks to drop]. It will be available in the US from 11 March. The release date and price for iPad 2 in Singapore has not been announced but we can expect the prices to be similar to iPad 1. [Click here for iPad 1 prices from a retailer]

The iPad 2 will be slimmer and slightly lighter than the iPad 1, and this time white casing is available. If you already own an iPad 1 and you're not fussy about processing speed or needing people to see your face through your iPad (there are built-in cameras in iPad 2), I see no big reason for you to upgrade to an iPad 2. But if you're getting the iPad 2 anyway, it makes sense to buy the white version to show off! [See iPad 2 features]


David said...


The tablet market is still in the early stage of maturing. A slew of WIN 7 tablets are going to come to the market late this year.

More choice equals better deals for the consumer.

I am not yet convinced to carry a tablet as my laptop is far more capable.

However our phone contracts are expired and we will look at smartphone in the not to distant future.

Your T101MT netbook is one of the better netbooks. However some of the latest netbooks now feature a dual core Atom processor!


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M Kumar said...

I have been using an iPad for 3-4 months now. It's really nice for on-the-go gaming though it's way larger than a PSP but other than being really useful for reading ebooks and e-magazines, I find that the web browsing experience is very poor compared to a netbook (e.g. lack of Adobe Flash plugin).

Battery life is top notch, though. I can easily actively use it for 8 hours on 1 full charge and unlike a netbook, it wakes up immediately.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw an elderly man perhaps about 70yrs old or more patiently tapping away at his Ipad screen. One would have thought the way he was dressed and looked, he would be a karung guni man.

But with his expert fingers on his Ipad, I peeped over and saw him meddling on line in the stock markets, and expertly googling over news and other websites. WOW!

An incredible old man. I actually wanted to compliment him for keeping to the date with the gadgetry fads.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure one day you will read a news report on the increasing incidents of various problems affecting one's eyes.

The cause of it all, too much ipads, itabs etc.

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

You are trying, really trying to age me here!. Putting yourself out on a limb as you just did by stating - " day you will read a news report on the increasing incidents of various problems affecting one's eyes.

Better get off that branch before I lop it off. Way back in the 1950s and 60s, when CRTs, (Cathode Ray Tubes) were the ONLY means of watching television, me and thousands of other young people wanted to sit as close as possible to those teeny 15" and later what we considered huge 21" screens.

Every parent told their children to move away from the TV as being so close would be bad for our eyes.

Silli cat, eye problems like everything else are genetic. If both parents have the recessive gene for myopia, then likely their children will develop myopia.

iPads, tablet PCs, and smart phones will not cause eye problems.

So relax a little, stop worrying about your eyes and everyone elses. Make your St. Patrick's Day plans and have a drink for me.

Hey, . . silli cat, no running with scissor....


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Anonymous said...

hahaha David, you are so funny.

eye problems not limited to eyesight quality. So I'm sure there are various eye problems not necessarily caused by genetics only.

Ok have a laugh on me coz I'm not an expert. But only what I envisage. lol

silli cat