Resisting sugardaddies

There's a course teaching girls how to resist sugardaddies. What a lame course! I bet nobody wants to attend it!

If there's a course on how to attract sugardaddies, I'm sure it will attract more people than a Anthony Robbins motivational conference!

Girls who have sugar daddies aren't actually stupid girls. They play the game; some will win, some will lose. Yeah, they could get hurt, pregnant, blah blah blah but so could they in a normal relationship minus the money. But, well, to each his own. There's a price to pay for everything... and everybody has a price.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you have such a viewpoint. Which is rather thoughtless. Being a public persona, there should be a responsibility to put in more thoughtful and responsible viewpoints rather than reckless ones.

Sugardaddies are men in their aged years who are mostly streetsmart but lacking in values that a responsible human should have. The young should be protected! Not exploited sexually or even to be a company for temporary monetary gain. The young girls risk being manipulated, exploited and being influenced by unhealthy company. This could very well risk their life path that they choose or wind up in.

Anonymous said...

I agree everything is to each her own. But I cant help but feel with disgust that a woman can give her body to ANY man in exchange for riches. I also feel the same for the unscrupulous man who uses his wealth in such a way to get what he wants.

In a superficial relationship, for how long can she sustain the sugardaddy's interest before she is unceremoniously dumped!

A rich man holds all the cards in his hands! He doesnt have to stick to the same girl till the end of his days. If I am rich, I will be inclined to change to new woman ever so often. I know for a fact that when one has numerous sexual encounters with numerous women, at the end of the day, they are all the same. A hole is a hole. Just as a prick is a prick. Nothing more nothing less.

I just hope for the woman that at the end of the day, it is all worth it. If not, can be unfair isnt it?

So a woman who manage to hook a sugardaddy that showers her not only with riches but also a meaningful emotional all round relationship is certainly very lucky.

But are such fortunate couplings really long lasting? But then, as Yu-Kym said..What is?

So to each his or her own lah. One makes the best of what one can make of it in this short life.

silli cat

wherma said...

How about sugar mummies?

Are you aware that there are private clubs in Singapore where RICH married women go to enjoy the company of handsome young men? With sex thrown in on course.

They would park far away from the location and go there through other means to cover up their tracks.

One of these men, working as a masseuse, shared how he had to endure the humiliation of having a woman pissed into his open mouth on one occasion to satisfy her fetish. He did that because the money was good.

On another occasion, one of his former school teachers came in. She did not recognize him, of course.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how does one get erect enough to do the job with an old unappetising rich hag? Will thinking of the money do it? lol

silli cat

David said...


You are very observant in stating girls seeking or having a sugardady are smart. Clueless and not so smart girls need not apply.

However the idea of a wealthy male having a young paid for mistress is still cheating. The morality or actually, lack of morality from the man is on full display. The ability of women to ignore such immorality for financial gain puts her morality into question.

In some ways, a girl with a sugar daddy is like hiring a full time escort. The women is beautiful and smart, she will do most anything to keep her client happy, perhaps even fall in love with him with the knowledge that her life will with such a man will be the topic of wagging tongues.

While this does happen, it makes great movie and tv fodder.


Guilt is concerned with the past. Worry is concerned about the
future. Contentment enjoys the present.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

An intelligent, educated and beautiful woman but living a mediocre common existence. Struggling up the corporate ladder. Her climb for career success taking far too long and slow. She is too ambitious and in a hurry.

Much like Yu-Kym she is likely too much to handle safely by most men. Therefore failed relationships for her is not uncommon. But she wants this to end. She begins a search for a wealthy man who will be able to set her right for life. Richness first, compatibility 2nd. She is willing to adapt to achieve her 1st want.

She eventually meets such a man, not for the 1st work. This time she is more prepared to do what it takes and no room for error as it so happens, her potential catch is a fellow colleague in a top management position. A prized fish. She makes a beeline for him even though he is already married.

He is smittened by her, divorces his wife and marries her. After some years of relatively happy union, he dies suddenly in a road accident on a business trip overseas.

In the midst of her immediate grieving and coming to grips with the fact that she is now back to being alone, she inherits his assets and the cash from his life insurances.

Very soon, she is seen driving around in a spanking new Porsche Panamera S and a new multi-million dollar luxurious home by the cove. Thats for a start! Branded goods, holidays around the globe etc has yet to come.

In her mid 40s now, she is alone but happy rich. Her strategy has worked out fine.

I admire her shrewdness.

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

So you admire people who cheat and engage in adultery?


Anonymous said...

Sorry David,

Maybe "admire" is the wrong word but perhaps just look in awe at her. I sure can't say I salute nor respect and definitely I dont approve.

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

Are you sure it is not envy you are feeling?

You had a list of desirable posessions.


Anonymous said...


My list of possessions are no where near the ease in which she attained hers and extent of her wealth. Perhaps ease may not be appropriate term to use too. lol

Perhaps too, envy a little (but not by much) coz of the immense wealth that she now inherited and no more financial worries till the end of her days.

I am actually more in awe of the fact that she was able to manipulate, manoeuvre her way in between the man's wife and him. That takes skill and cunning. And I admire such talents. But I dont condone nor tolerate it. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

@Mar 30, 2011 2323
It's no one's responsibility but their own to protect themselves.

Sugardaddies and sugarbabes share equal responsibility. Daddy pays the bills, girl spreads her legs. He's happy, she's happy- no one is exploited, everyone got what they came for.

The young are not young anymore. They're adults capable of making their own choices and bearing the consequences of their choices. If they still need protecting, in the first place they're probably still underage anyway. Manipulated by no one but their own greed and the allure of easy cash. If it affected their life path, boohoo that's life. Let them clean up their own mess.

Seriously, educate yourself. Point the blame at the right people. Don't bring your idiot Women's Charter into the interwebs.