Really no time for sex

Let's re-visit my previous post, "No time" for sex.

I wrote that if I had a regular office job and if I were to put aside for sex (assuming I live with my partner) without having time for exercising, blogging or writing emails, this would be my schedule:
7pm: Reach home
7pm-8pm: Cook, eat
8pm-9pm: Shower, relax
9pm-11pm: Have sex
11pm: Sleep

So far, I've not had any social life after work (except for 1 day). Thankfully there's a cheap gym 3 min's walk from my office, hotel-like bathroom with warm water in my office building and my boss doesn't micro-manage my time in the office, otherwise if I've to exercise after work I would have even less time for everything else. This is my actual schedule for the past week:
6.40am-7.10am: get ready for work
7.10am-8am: travel to work
8am-5pm: work with break at noon for lunch and/or gym
5pm-6pm: travel home
6pm-6.30pm: go to the supermarket on some days
6.30pm-7.30pm: cook dinner, bathe, eat
7.30pm-9.30pm: surf internet, blog, cook lunches for next day, pack clothes for gym
I try to go to bed by 10pm because by 8.30pm I'm already sleepy.

Suppose I forgo surfing the internet and blogging, and I live with my partner, I'll have about 1.5 hours for sex before bedtime (about 8pm to 9.30pm) but I'll be drowsy, wanting to relax and sleep. If I don't live with my partner, then sex would be out of question on weekdays unless I become a fan of the quickie.


David said...


Your life does appear busy. You are lucky you do not get for work as early as I do, 4:15AM, so I can start work at 6:00AM.

Of course I shop on my way home typically twice a week.

What you cannot know or estimate the value is what a truly loving, and understanding partner can contribute to a long term relationship.

Guys hot for sex likely will not care about your work or schedule.


It is not guided missles, but guided morals, that is our great
need today.

-- George W. Ford

Anonymous said...

You definitely have time for sex.
Survey shows Sillyporeans last maximum 7 minutes of bonking.
2 hours is simply too much for them. Mea tahan. They go mati lio!

andy said...

u sure sex would be out of the qn on weekdays if u live alone, yu-kym? if masturbation is included in ur definition of sex...then boy would ur vibrator get old & dusty!


Anonymous said...

woah..u always knock off on time at 5pm? Tts great! Hw abt days where u nid to work till late ? like 9pm or 10pm?

David said...


You get up for work at 6:40AM!!!!

How I would enjoy sleeping that late. Try starting your day at 4:15AM!

I have put in 30-40 minutes of work while you are awakening!!

About that lack of time for sex.
That kind of activity usually involves a parnter.

What you either have not considered or have not had the opportunity to know, is the joy that the love of a life partner, most often through marriage, allows one to enjoy.

Married partners learn early how to care and provide the loving needs of the partner.

Sex without love, real love and caring from a LONG term partner, can only be satifying for a very short time, and at times such satisfaction is replaced with a void that only love can fill.

My best wishers for your journey towards life-long happiness!


Love is a binding force, by which another is joined to me and cherished by myself.

Thomas Aqunias

Anonymous said...


I would suggest for the time being you focus your energy on your work. Forget about having an impt new job and simultaneously a new relationship and sex (even for a quickie) as these two normally dont mix when one has a fledgling new career to embark on. It's best to rely on your trusted toys as anything human-based will inevitably entail some emotional issues which almost always interferes with your career objectives.

But once you are on steady footing, your boss likes you, you like your job, you like your environment, then by all means get back to doing all things fun.. like having a boyfriend, sex, your writings etc.

It should not take longer than a year to get comfortable in your job and show your capabilities. Good luck!

silli cat