Please return my sperm

A girl complained in a forum that after breaking up, her ex-boyfriend asked her to return all the gifts he gave her and all the money she spend on his credit card.

It seems he's not the only guy who does that because another forummer wrote that he did that before too.

What a loser!
Might as well as the girl o return his sperm!


i think man are like tt after they lose interest. they become very heartless & shameless too.
my ex still dared to used my card for online purchase after we broke up. so happened one transaction went through b4 the cancellation tts how i knew...

Anonymous said...

So females are entitled to take their partner's gift and money and not appreciate the relationship and run away?

One thing, most of the females do not buy expensive gifts and supplement a credit card to their partners. You want to buy that new bag or jewellery? Please use your OWN money.

Anonymous said...

No Pinky,

Good men dont behave like that. Only when one is too hasty and careless and picks the wrong man. That is why I mostly agree with Yu-Kym on the manner in which she selects her man.

You minimise the chances of having chosen a shameless cheapskate for a soulmate, a sex partner if you choose your man very carefully. Either he fits a certain minimum standards or criteria that is fairly stringent or you wait another period for sperms to be deposited into you.

And amongst this set of criteria, a well-principled successful, cultured and educated man with sufficient wealth or financial standing, good stable career sits quite highly. Not that this is an absolute guarantee but you reduce the chances of having an arsehole of a cheapskate boyfriend.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous

Females ARE entitled to take their partner's gift and money and not appreciate the relationship and run away. And why not?

If the man is so stupig as to enter into a relationship with this type of woman, it's his stupigdity and her shrewdness.

If a woman is so dumb as to supply a credit card to her man, why not? She can afford it, or she wants to do so in exchange for sperm deposition in her mouth or vagina or anywhere else and both parties happy....why not again?

And if a woman can get a new bag or jewellery FOC from her partner as a gift, why not? As long as she is not forced to do anything untoward in exchange and its a case of willing party giving and willing party receiving.

silli cat

Kelvin said...

Its all about money~ Regardless man or woman. Blame it on the circumstances of Singapore who made us like this.

Anonymous said...


you mean these are not happening elsewhere? lol

Its about stupigdity and that we also live in a world of exchange. You want something I have, you have to give me something in exchange and vice versa. Some ppl give disproportionately more than they receive.

silli cat

suraverp said...

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