My lunch boxes

This is what I planned to bring to the office for lunch today:

I didn't say it's meant to look appetising but it will serve its nutritional purpose.

On the left is pasta with salmon and cauliflower in tomato-based sauce. On the right is pasta with shredded chicken thigh and green vegetables (ti wan chye) in tomato-based sauce.

I'm starting my regular exercise again so I'll need to eat enough protein. For a healthy colon (the large intestine), I'll need to eat fibre - this is especially important for people who consume lots of meat.

Why do I have 2 lunch boxes? It's not because I can't fit everything into one container. As mentioned in my post Skipping dinner makes you fat, eating small meals throughout the day (note: meals not snacks!) enables the body to lose fat. I will eat one of it before noon (at about 11am) and the other in the afternoon at about 3pm of whenever I feel like eating.

Unfortunately, I took the wrong plastic bag from the fridge this morning...
I took my sister's almond dessert :( She must have pushed my bag to the back of the fridge when she put in her dessert. No wonder I had this weird feeling last night that I would forget to bring my lunch. I was glad I didn't forget to bring it this morning but when I looked at the bag after I got out of the car... OMG... where's my lunch???

On the bright side, I won't need to cook my dinner today...


ivychiew263 said...

Hi. :) Scrumptious AND nutritious-looking food there. For fibre, I take psyllium husk after lunch and dinner. It does help my bowels move more. Last but not least, I love your blogs even though I seldom comment much. :) Do keep up the good work, sweetie.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Ivy, psyllium husk tablets are rather expensive, aren't they? It's good that you take enough fibre. I don't have problems with bowel movement but I want to avoid future colon problem :)

David said...


Your lunch does look very tasty!

This and your previous food post should lay to rest all of our fears that your heath might suffer from your laser like focus on being the best you can be with your new employer, (and still mysterious unamed empoyer.)

BTW fruits are also great and tasty sources of fibre and whole grains like Oats can contribute to a high fibre diet that goes along way to colon health.


What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.
~Eleanor Powell

Anonymous said...


Yu-Kym looks certainly on the way back to happiness isnt it? Away from the gloom and doom she felt some blogs ago.

I'm glad. I want to believe some pointedly brutal emails may have something to do with waking her up. lol

silli cat