Lost and found: My favourite haversack

I'm happy! I found my favourite haversack!

I love it because it has a shoe compartment below. There's a padded case inside the large compartment too - so I can safely put a purse or a pen in the bag without having it drop under everything else and have to dig for it.


sch said...

At least tell us what brand it is so we can get one too!

David said...


I found this interesting.

The type of pack you are using does give the user a great deal of utility.

On this side of the Pacific however, we call it a daypack.


Success comes in cans, not cant's.
~Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that Yu-Kym would have found everything she had ever suspected she had lost when she recently packed her stuff and moved home! lol

I wonder where she found her favourite haversack? In the dumpsite? lol

But it is certainly a bag with high user friendliness. It again shows the practicality of Yu-Kym's personality or behaviour.

I know too someone who shares the same practicality when buying a handbag or wallet for herself. It has to be light (she dont see the point of carrying a branded luxury item that is actually a burden to carry in the first place because of its weight. What more if its laden with all the lady's stuff?); it has to have all the right compartments in all the right places for her handphone, her wallet, EZlink card, small change, tissues and other knicknacks and able to fit in some important items like a water bottle, a small umbrella; the shoulder straps and joints must also be of the correct length and sturdy and of course the overall look of the bag must have reasonably good quality material, be pleasant looking; and last but not the least the price must be good for value. Branded items are not a priority.

If one has such requirements or values, you can be sure he/she will never starve in life. keke

silli cat