I've NOT quit writing about sex

I haven't stopped writing about sex! I've been writing alot - just not for free.

Lucky for you, you can read read all my past Men's Health articles online at menshealth.com.sg. Just follow the links on [this page]. The latest articles will be in the print versions of the magazine and can't be found online till a month or two later.

I feel that my articles there are good but you may find my style of writing different - more academic to suit the magazine's image and adhering to the restrictions for Singapore publications.


Dante said...

Sorry, it should have been "I've NOT quitted..."

Just like you said in your first sentence "I haven't stopped writing...", which IS correct. :)

Just came across your site and stumbled upon this small flaw. Else, all smell and look good. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dante, "I've not quit writing about sex" is absolutely right.

I haven't stopped writing is also right. lol

This is one of those special exceptions in English.

silli cat

bemoci said...

Dante: Past tense of quit is still QUIT.

Yu-Kym: Have you quit sex?

serddlai said...

On her blog she allows herself a more penetrating style permitting the stiffness of this topic a smoother entry in the reader's mind.

That's how she tackles the ins and outs of this intimate issue to its explosive climax.

We can barely keep abreast of the BRAzen presentation of one who is just as comfortable with welcoming her lovers with open legs as with open arms.

She doesn't mind letting her juicy details flow with the pulsating narrative.

In this respect she approaches sex with missionary zeal and show the world that she's a gal who's also on top of things.

As such, she relishes in any ejaculation of praise with gratefulness.

Dogcom said...

Hey Dante,
I am sorry for you, the past tense of 'quit' is 'quit', not quitted.
Even as I type this comment out the word 'quitted' is prompted by spell check to be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

My gosh Serddlai,

the way you write, you sound as if you are writing a hardcore porn novel. lol

u sure you are just a simple contributor? U dont have a porn blog to yourself? lol

silli cat

Serddlai said...

Silli Cat, my writing style is stimulating enough to hit a high orgasmic level?

Nothing compared to what you experience when she's all wrapped around you.

When her quivering slimy flesh of her love channel works its magical massage urging you to deposit your slimy future generation into her moist depths who can refuse such a persuasion? Just surrender in obedience as she milks you dry to the symphony of groans and moans till your fleshy conductor's wand falls limp at the grand finale. And leaves you begging for an encore.

Those who've been with her knows.

Anonymous said...

Wow Serddlai,

Thank you for the encore. I am flabbergasted. Keep it up. lol

silli cat

David said...


Okay enough of your sexual verbal hyperbole.

Admit it to the world, your desire to write porn novels or movies!

Do you have any other writing style?


Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right. ~Henry Ford

Serddlai said...

Yu-kym has all the styles, and she does it for REAL.

Anonymous said...

Awwww David, why spoil the fun? I am amused by Serddlai! It's been a long time since I read an erotic masterpiece. lol

silli cat

Serddlai said...

Silli Cat:

My masterpiece is made possible because Yu-Yym is such a great mistresspiece.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! except that Yu-Kym is into making you her sex slave if you have read her past blogs. Write a short masterpiece on this here pls if you are her sex slave? David will surely squirm coz he disapproves of what he considers your hyperbole exaggerated writings. keke

silli cat

The Discerning Voice said...

The sad thing about Yu-Kym is that the nearest she can ever come to a fulfilling activity is sex. Nothing but sex.

Once the high is over, she finds nothing else that surpasses that, just a vast expense of emptiness and meaninglessness. But then, even that does not fulfill that inward longing for something more or better.

However, that's her limit. There's just nothing more out there. But more emptiness and meaninglessness......

Poor girl. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Good healthy Sex is indeed a fulfilling activity that has tremendous benefits to a person. I indulge in it every so often with my constant companion too. And yes, there are other things in life that may be more fulfilling to some..but happy sex with a compatible companion certainly do not rank any lower! It is such an integral activity in life.

But search as I have my thoughts I cannot fathom what provoked the not so nice comment about Yu-Kym from Discerning Voice.

Hmmmmm....I wonder if Discerning Voice knows something about Yu-Kym that others dont.

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

DV is likley projecting.

I think many, many males reading Yu-Kym's musings have active fantasies revolving around YK.

Only the lovely Ms. Loh knows how fullfilled her life is or is not.

Whether a celelbrity or common person everyone has very good days and at times very blue days.


If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
~J.M. Power

Anonymous said...


Although I disagree with Discerning Voice that Yu-Kym finds fulfillment only in sex and everything else is meaningless and emptiness to her, I think he may not be that off the mark if he concludes that only great SEX gives Yu-Kym the highest fulfillment and everything else in life is secondary if she cannot find fulfillment in sex.

To me, Life is pointless living if there is no woman and no sex. I find complete fulfillment in great sex as I have sex with my constant companion so numerous (actually countless) times that I am sure we could have "filled" several 1.5litre bottles "full" of my semen. lol

Silli cat

David said...

Silli CAt,

Males discussing Yu-Kyms highest level of fullfillment must be making her giggle reading these comments. Such useless prognostigations...

...as I have sex with my constant companion so numerous (actually countless)

You must work rarely if sex is your constant companion!!

I will not, no not at all, say anything else.....

...or I just might hurt myself laughing to hard.


Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
~Josh Billings

Anonymous said...

Yes, David...I'm glad you are amused and its ok to laugh out hard. Lighten up more, dont hold back. This blog's meant for tongue in cheek, fun and laughter. lol

As for the musings about Yu-Kym, thats the whole point of her blogs isn't it? About her! Just dont underestimate comments about her. keke

silli cat