Healthy food makes me happy

I remembered to brought the right bag of food to the office today :)

Here's what I had:

My 2 lunch boxes contained the same food. (I got lazy so I didn't cook the 2nd part of the meal which was meant to contain vegetables and a different type of pasta.)

For tomorrow, however, I have different type of meat for each box:

One contains minced pork dumpling (I bought them from Chinatown) and the other contains beef. Both have mashed potatoes and vegetables. If you're wondering why the beef balls aren't round, that's not because I can't roll balls. These are not beef balls. I simply squeezed some fresh minced beef and dropped them into a pot of boiling water. This is just a quick way of cooking minced meat in soup while keeping the meat together. Because I'm going to microwave the food in the office before eating it, I don't cook it for too long - less than a minute. Overcooked beef feels and tastes dry.


David said...


Your lunch does look yummy and healthy.

My lunch today, baked meatloaf, with a touch of tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, and some cut red bell peppers. I have two bananas for morning and afternoon snacks.

Now about where you enjoy your lunch break?

Where again?

Happy weekend!


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discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and,
therefore, brothers.

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Anonymous said...

As supertitious as Yu-Kym is, I think she will only reveal where she works or what she does only when she is comfortably settled in. Perhaps with so many loonies in this world, it would also be wise to keep some information private. Dont want her to be stalked by loonies when she is already a favourite by the supernatural. keke

silli cat