Green energy is the way to go

The nuclear plant situation in Japan has made other countries re-consider their nuclear programs.

I hope there'll be greater emphasis placed on R&D efforts in Green Energy. Green Energy is energy that can be extracted, generated, and/or consumed without any significant negative impact to the environment.

I studied Electrical Engineering because I was very interested in Green Energy, in particular solar power. But R&D jobs, in general, don't pay very much unless you're on expatriate terms somewhere. Furthermore, back then there were fewer people cared about green energy so this means fewer jobs available and lower salaries. That's why I didn't practise what I studied.

Clean Energy Expo Asia was last held in Singapore in Nov 2010. The next one will be held in Nov 2011 in Singapore. It is an annual Trade Fair and Conference on clean energy highlighted Asian trends in renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions through intensive, high level discussions and networking. I'm happy to know that Singapore is involved in such initiatives. In fact, I saw a position open in the Economic Development Board in the area of Clean Technology. But due to the extensive requirements of the submission process (I would have to list out all my grades and subjects studied in school), I decided that it wasn't a place I wanted to work in. It would be acceptable to ask that of a fresh graduate but it's ridiculous to expect that from an experienced hire. If I'm required to do something which I regard as ridiculous even before I start working, I can't start to imagine how ridiculous it could get once I commence work!

I don't intend to become an engineer. I have developed competencies which I believe are what differentiates me from other employees. I want to further develop them instead of discard them and start from scratch in another field. So if I were to join a green energy/clean tech company, I wouldn't join as an engineer.

(I won't be posting my resume here.)


Anonymous said...

Quote: "If I'm required to do something which I regard as ridiculous even before I start working, I can't start to imagine how ridiculous it could get once I commence work!"

Yes, you may be right Yu-Kym! But if renewable energy is indeed your area of interest and such good opportunities are few and far between, perhaps you should not reach too quick a conclusion but submit your application accordingly, get the interview and then find out if you are going to be working with goons.

Reach a final decision only after you have all the information you want.

silli cat

Anonymous said... energy sector ppl are quite sought after in engineering giants mnc...n they are resonably paid...( Not those R&D )...esp those electrical engineers with licensed electrical workers license (LEW) or professional engineers...(ER)... :P

David said...


Unfortunatley you are joining the nukes are bad fan club.

The accident in Japan is tragic.
Yet consider that it took a worse case scenario to damage the 30+ year old reactors.

Newer reactors such GEN 4 reactors,, Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP),, and currently Westinghouse AP1000,, power reactors are much safer than many of the 25, 30 and 40 year old first generation reactors.

One could cover Singapore in solar panels and surround the island with hundreds of windmills, and SG would be far short of its power needs.

Coal, LPG, and oil powered power generation stations will be needed for years to come. These along with newer and safer nuclear reactors can provide safe and in the case of nukes, low CO2 emissions.

Spain which has lead the world in creating green jobs, discovered the hard way that green jobs hurt the economy.

Spain Has Spent About $1m Per Green Job; and Has Lost More Than 2 Jobs for Every Green Job Created.

I am suprised that scaremongers have got through to you.

Take a step back and let events in Japan play out. Send money to help buy needed supplies for displaced Japanese citizens.

It took years to determine what happened at 3 Mile Island in 1979. Lessons will be learned from the tragedy in Japan.

However to cave into panic driven, extreme environmentalist scare tactics will doom nations who follow such poorly inspired policies into an era of very expensive engergy, higher unemployement, lower growth, fewer jobs, and a falling GDP.

Gracious me, more unsettled post like this will drive me to strong adult beverages....


Money is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.

-- P. T. Barnum

Anonymous said...

If Malaysia and Indonesia were to build the most modern and sophisticated nuclear power plants, does anyone have the confidence that these will have the best qualified and trained personnel operating the plants and maintaining them to the highest standards with the best safeguards in the event of emergencies year in and year out?

I doubt so they can even reach a fraction of the standards the Japanese have.

Even with the Chinese operating the earthquake-proof Three Gorges Dam over the Yangtze, I have great doubts that in the event of The Big One, there would not be a great disaster downstream.

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

Earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons (aka- hurricanes) should remind humans that we are truly powerless when compared with natures forces.

The comparison between the damage at Fukashima and the human caused disaster at Chernobyl is worth reviewing. Russian incompetence and faulty reactor design caused the Chernobyl disaster. A strong earthquake and tsunami brought on the problems at Fukashima. While likely some of the 180 technicians fighting to keep the Fukashima reactors cool will die early from radiation exposure. The public is safe. The tsunami caused thousands of deaths in just a few minutes.

Can we trust technology to provide safety. Yes and no. Japans tsunami warning system saved countless thousands of lives by allowing people the minutes needed to reach higher ground. More than 230,000 perished in the 2004 Indonesia earthquake/ tsunami for lack of such a system.

Light water reactors like those at Fukashima are far safer than the Russian type reactors. Remember the Fukashima reactors are older than most reading Yu-Kyms site.

I am likely one of the few here older than the reactors in Japan.

Current GEN 3 reactors are much safer, newer GEM4, AP1000 and NGNP reactors will be even safer.

There is no easy answer on how to provide energy for growing nations.

Solar and wind remain immature and at best part time energy sources.


If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

-- Mother Theresa

Anonymous said...


Nature's so called destructive forces will never remove mankind completely from the face of the earth.

Man's own actions will. So nature is still relatively benign and natural! Until we man spoil it all.

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

Sigh....I really have to a take a deep breath, a sip of a powerful adult beverage to answer this comment.

Quite to the contrary, nature has the ability to remove all human kind from this little planet.

Consider the Siberian Traps; The Siberian Traps were the largest volcanic eruption in Earth history and they occured right at the same time as the largest extinction event in Earth history.

Read More:

There have been at least six mass extinctions. More:

Like many, you over estimate human kinds abilities.


It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
~Edmund Hillary

Anonymous said...

David, I am sorry to have caused you so much agony. Lately, I have noticed you are increasingly irritated by my comments. I'm sorry for that too. It's not the usual calm David I apparently know.

But really, I think you are just being plain cheeky. hehe

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

I am not offended nor in agony by your remarks.

I am pained by the number of people in the public who have been convinced by the scare-mongering that nuclear power is completly unsafe.

Cheeky, a little. ;-)

Trying to shine the light of truth through the fog of media and environmental bloviating!


A wise man seeks much counsel...a fool listens to all of it.

-- Larry Burkett

Anonymous said...

David, of course I know you are just being cheeky.

But anything handled by man will eventually be in danger or unsafe!

silli cat

Soft Release said...

Forget about nuclear reactors and its risks.

The Thorium Reactor is the way to go. One ton of thorium can produce as much energy as 200 tons of uranium and 3.5 million tons of coal, according to the former director of CERN.

Singapore should opt for this.

David said...

Soft release,

I suggest you read this article;

No form of power generation is completly safe.

Thorium reactors are still being developed and while promising, no such reactor has yet to produce a single watt of power.


For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.

-- Larry Eisenberg

Soft Release said...

This is as green as you can get:

David said...

Soft release,

The artifical leaf has promise.

How easy will it be to get this concept from the lab to where it can be tested on a pilot community of homes, for sake of seeing how it scales, put this on a few hundred homes.

Up here at 43N we have many cloudy days, very short days during winter, and roofs often covered with snow for days or weeks at a time.

10 of millions of us living in the temperate climate zones may not see the benefit of such systems.

Needless to say this is years from practical application.


The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.
~Author Unknown