Food and more food!

Mashed potato is one of my favourite food! I made this for breakfast on last Saturday. When I made mashed potato for my sister once, she commented that it's real potato - compared to the flour mix that we normally get when we eat out.

Even though I had breakfast before going to the market, I felt very hungry so I bought a piece of Kueh Lopis. I doubt I'll ever make this Kueh because all that I'll eat at one go is one piece but it'll be crazy to make one or two pieces only.

For lunch, I cooked pasta with salmon. I prefer to pan-fry my own salmon. I like my salmon to be melt-in-my-mouth. When I eat out, the salmon is often overcooked. When I do it myself, I get to cook it to perfection :D

I cooked cod with kuey teow and sweet sauce on Sunday. It didn't look nice so I didn't take a picture. The kuey teow was broken up because I used the one from a semi-frozen packet and I previously had to divide the portion so I broke it up. I still prefer salmon to cod because salmon is cheaper, has fewer (or no) bones in the cut, and has a stronger flavour. I depend on natural flavours because don't use salt in my food.

I didn't pack lunch yesterday but here's my lunchbox for today: Minced beef curry with noodles. I would prefer to use sliced beef but minced beef was all I could get in the supermarket after work. I ate the first pack at 11am. I almost forgot to eat the 2nd pack because I was very busy and lost track of time. At 5pm, I felt extremely hungry. Only then did I realise that I'd not eaten. Though it was time to go home, I decided to eat before leaving the office otherwise I might not make it home alive.

---Updated 9.30pm---
Here's my lunch for tomorrow: Fish with vegetable noodles flavoured with freshly squeezed lemon juice and white pepper. There are gingko nuts, tomatoes, baby corn, an egg, mushrooms, parsley and vegetables.


David said...



All that good food.

Now I am hungry for some good Salmon and pasta!

BBQ Salmon is also great!


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--Jim Elliot

geddy said...

your potatoes seem lumpy and dry. you need to use a ricer to get more consistent texture and use quality russets or yukons. the cheaper local ones cannot make it. happy cooking!

wats this? a food blog now? lol

anyone at wrk recognizes u as 'that blogger' at wrk yk?

JAPB said...

I loooove mashed potatoes as well as pasta with salmon!

How do you make your mashed potatoes?