Floods are highly desirable

Some people say that an interesting part of watching a movie in Thailand is having to stand up before the movie while the Thai national anthem is played. I find it rather troublesome especially if I'm already settled in for the movie, holding my drink and pop corn.

There are deep floods in many areas of Thailand now. [Read news report] People have been swept away, and many have to flee their homes.

In Singapore, flood are inconvenient and they destroy property. When we read about floods in other countries, we often think of it as a bad thing.

In a conversation with Cambodian, he said that it was good to have floods. In countries where many locals grow crop for a living, not having rain (and floods) could mean that they'll have no money for the season. Note that there is rain throughout the entire Thailand national anthem video. Rain and floods are the normal way of life for many farmers - so is the risk of death and losing their homes.
I am privileged to be given opportunities such that I do not have to put myself physically at risk to earn a living.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm....Showing respect to another's national flag is troublesome? I wonder what would be troublesome for Yu-Kym when its her own country's national flag!

A farmer's life is very dependant on the weather. It's good to have floods onto your ricefield only when you are not about to harvest! These days the farmer can never tell for sure if the usual pattern of rainfall and sunshine will definitely happen.

Yes we in singapore are mostly privileged lot in many ways and yet many do not appreciate. We are our own downfall eventually if this carries on. But what the heck, I wont be around then.

silli cat

David said...


I trust this is a tongue in cheek type of post.

The floods in SG cost millions in damage.

Flood in China earlier this year killed many and cost hundreds of millions in damage.

Farmers may be the only people who need floods. However floods during planting or harvest seasons can be a disaster.


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