Don't clog up the network during emergencies

I don't mean to put a damper on your weekend mood but there have been a number of deaths in the past week. First, it was my friend, then it was my friend's colleague, and now it's the Japan earthquake and tsunami. I don't have family and friends in Japan but I have colleagues and ex-colleagues.

(The houses look like toys... Picture from BBCNews)

One colleague is lucky to have escaped it. He was in Japan last week and returned to Singapore last Saturday. My boss, however, spent the past few days in Japan and was scheduled to return on Friday. I'm not sure where he is now. He couldn't be reached yesterday because during emergencies the communication networks would support only emergency calls. (There is a maximum number of calls that the networks, hardware and software can handle.)

Do you call or sms someone:
a) to show concern so that you can win their favour or gain future benefits,
b) for your own peace of mind,
c) to satisfy your curiosity,
c) to remind them that someone cares?

All of these are lame reasons when you consider that there are lives at stake. It's better not to clog up the network when we can't do anything to help.

So I didn't call or sms my boss but I sure hope I'll see him in the office on Monday.


David said...


The earthquake and Tsunami is a tragedy for all, but Japanese are suffering now.

I urge you to place a link to the Red Cross on you site, and for everyone to make a donation for Japanenes relief effort.

We have already sent money to the Red Cross.

Our brothers and sisters in Japan need us to help, NOW


David said...


You need not apologize putting a damper on this weekend.

If anything you should remind people how fragile life is.

How everyone needs to pitch in and donate a few dollars to the Red Cross for Japanese relief efforts.

Likely, tens of thousands are dead, many thousands are injured and more than 300,000 people have lost their homes!

Japan needs our help, and should be part of at least a few discussions everyday.


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